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  1. @ArchieeI did not realize I had created multiple I’m sorry, I will delete.
  2. Tracker Name :https://bibliotik.me/ looking for an invite specifically for the ebook section. I have proofs and speed test and will make a fantastic user.
  3. Don't send me PM Reply here to apply Add Like + REP Give Feedback after receive the invite/account Have 2 ratio proofs and 1 speedtest ready
  4. Don't send me PM Reply here to apply Add Like + REP Give Feedback after receive the invite/account Have 2 ratio proofs and 1 speedtest ready
  5. Tracker Name: CiNEFiLHD Genre: movies Sign Up Link: http://www.cinefilhd.org/signup.php
  6. PreToMe News Over the next 24 hours some of our system will be getting software updates , These updates should not affect the site or the tracker for longer than a few seconds at a time. If however you notice the site layout is broken or that a torrent is 'red' F5 your browser, or close and re-open your client. Any issues should fix themselves within a matter of minutes : Due to the amount of systems being changed over, we're not planning a single maintenance period. Instead we hope to slowly and quietly update each system one at a time. This is going to take until late Sunday night. Please report any major bugs to staff on IRC
  7. Tracker's Name: AOX Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: https://aox.to/index.php?page=signup Closing date: Soon! Review's Link: AOX.to | AOX | Movies | 2018 Review Additional information: AOX is a Private Torrent Tracker for Asian Movies / TV Releases.
  8. I agree with @Archiee on the railings. Great tracker, friendly staff, and irc channels are good.
  9. Tracker's Name: LetSeed Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://letseed.net/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: LetSeed.net is a Turkish Private Torrent Tracker for 0-Day / General releases
  10. Apologies for this discrepancy. Due to the unique way in which PTP's website has failed the checks being performed by trackerstatus were not being disturbed and so it listed the website online even though most users couldn't access it. Basically the site was only offline for people who were trying to access the site using a previously saved browser cookie which maintains your authentication with the website. As trackerstatus doesn't usually use this method to maintain its access to the websites it checks it wasn't able to detect this unusual kind of outage. I have since altered the code and it now does use a cookie for authentication and so its status for the website is now accurate. Thanks.
  11. SpaceTorrent News - Update from Staff on downtime Bonjour, Afin de faire taire certaines rumeurs et rassurer nos membres, nous voudrions éclaircir les choses. En effet, le site est down depuis maintenant un peu plus de 2 semaines sans que vous sachiez pourquoi; Suite à des contraintes personnelles et techniques du site arrivées quasiment simultanément, nous avons décidé de mettre le site en pause quelques temps histoire de mettre tout ça au clair et ainsi partir sur des bases saines pour nous. Nous n'arrêtons pas pour autant l'aventure et continuons d'avancer en soum comme on dit. Nous reviendrons dès que possible et aussi vite que celà nous sera permis. Le Staff SpaceTorrent Google Translation: Hello, In order to silence some rumors and reassure our members, we would like to clarify things. Indeed, the site has been down for a little over 2 weeks now without you knowing why; Following the personal and technical constraints of the site arrivals almost simultaneously, we decided to pause the site for some time to make all this clear and thus leave on a sound basis for us. We do not stop the adventure and continue to move forward as we say. We will be back as soon as possible and as fast as we can. Staff SpaceTorrent
  12. Lesaloonv2-0 News - FreeLeech Google Translation: The chariots of the Gold Mine are full! Freeleech for all until 2018-04-22 08:57:41, Quebec time.
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