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  1. @DraconyAlso applying for an invite if you have another to spare. Thanks!
  2. Vamp 1986 - A film that features one of the most bizarre avant-garde stripteases I have ever seen in a movie. Two dudes are desperately trying to get a stripper to entertain a fraternity they want to join and one of them locks-onto Grace Jone's character.
  3. Hey @Dracony, I am interested in a Filelist invite if you still have one left.
  4. Hi @cinematorrent I'm applying for your HD-Torrents give-away. You may have run out by this entry, but crossing my fingers.
  5. I think they like to mess with the audience, and LOL at the "swing kings" being the band they wanted.
  6. Yeah, and for me, the Netflix DVD mailing service is more appealing than the streaming service since it has that older content and a bigger library of movies. I only streamed when certain shows came on, like Arrested Development, but couldn't find much else to stream, so I cancelled it.
  7. There was another post asking which format was preferred, and 1080p was one of the most popular. What filesize (x264) do you target for a standard length movie (about 90mins)? I tend to go for around 10GB, give or take depending on the movie. I don't have a very scientific approach to that number, but it seems a DVD movie is on average 4GB in size, but is mpg2, so double that and add a little more for 1080p and x264 is a bit more efficient. Bluray remuxes at 20+GB at the moment seem a little too big for the time and space required for them. I'm curious to see what other people tend to get.
  8. The Hottie and the Nottie - I think it was a career killer for Christine Lakin, she was made-up convincingly gross most of the time, that and being with Paris Hilton.