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  1. One of the prerequisites of beating piracy is that content is available legally for a fair price. In recent years, however, movies and music are increasingly becoming fragmented over a variety of paid subscription services. According to a UK Government report, this may be the reason why piracy is making a comeback. Last week the UK Government’s Intellectual Property Office published its annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report. The report provides an overview of the latest anti-piracy achievements of copyright holders and also signals some emerging threats. It seems to be written mostly based on input from large rightsholders, which can make it a bit one-sided. The overall theme is that piracy and counterfeiting remain a major problem and that, as a “world class IP enforcement regime,” the UK takes a leading role in the world to tackle it going forward. A few days ago we reported on an exemplary section from the report where the Premier League highlighted its key successes. The full document is filled with similar examples and is worth a read, but there is one issue that stood out which we would like to highlight separately. In the section where the results of PRS for Music, the UK’s leading collection society, are summarized there is a hint of self-reflection. As reported in the past, there were signs that BitTorrent piracy is increasing again, and according to the UK Government’s report, the industry may be to blame. Apparently, piracy traffic may be rising again because the content that’s being offered on legal platforms is becoming more and more fragmented. In other words, as more legal services have exclusive releases, it’s harder for people to get everything they want in one place. Instead of signing up for paid subscriptions at a handful of services, these people could then turn back to piracy. Or as the Annual IP crime and enforcement report puts it: “There also appears to be a resurgence in torrent traffic, notwithstanding the apparent demise of peer-to-peer file sharing a few years ago. A likely reason for this is the fact that more legitimate platforms are hosting exclusive content and subscribers may not necessarily have access to all the content they want to consume.” The paragraph above is listed in the PRS section of the report which leads us to believe that it comes directly from the music group. We reached out to PRS to find out more but the organization said that it couldn’t comment on it. A subsequent request to clarify whether this is PRS’s position returned a “no comment” as well. Again, we should stress that the fragmentation comment is just a tiny quote from a 132-page report. It doesn’t reflect the general theme that piracy needs to be addressed through comprehensive and multi-faceted enforcement strategies. However, at least there appears to be some room for self-reflection. This isn’t the first time that increased fragmentation has been mentioned as a potential problem, but these type of comments generally don’t originate from governments or rightsholders. Exclusive releases are particularly prevalent in the video industry today, where there’s a myriad of exclusive streaming services. How this will affect overall piracy rates in the years to come remains to be seen, but it’s certainly not something that can be easily ignored. Source:
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  3. Google Translation: Champions League Click on the image to join the play here
  4. CrazyHour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 19:14:05
  5. WELCOME! Welcome To All Our New and Returning Members - - - - - - - - - - - Please take a few moments to read these topics: ILC Beginners Guide How to Increase Your Ratio and Please say Hello here: New Members Say Hello Thread -------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations Recommendations Browsers Chrome does not allow downloads of .torrent files that have a comma (,) in the file name. Use a different browser for downloading any such .torrent files; we recommend Mozilla Firefox. - - - - - - - - - - - Bittorrent Client We strongly recommend qBittorrent. --------------------- Image Hosting ILC has its own image hosting site. Use ILCPicHost to host the images in the descriptions of your uploads here at ILC. -------------------------------------------------------------- Donations DONATIONS From now on it is possible again to make donations. These will help pay the hosting costs of our main site and the image site. For more information see the Donate page.
  6. Tracker Name: Insane Tracker Genre: General Review: Sign Up Link: Closing Time: Soon Additional Information: Insane Tracker is a Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for 0-Day / General Releases.
  7. Google Translation: Choose the movie you want to see in Freeleech FREELEECH Choose the movie you want to see in Freeleech Make your picks here For all !!
  8. Google Translation: Prohibited releases The following material must not be uploaded to the site from today: - Cristina Alger - The banker's wife - Jonathan Ames - You've never been here - Michelle Frances - The new coworker
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  12. Crazyhour...All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 1:10:32
  13. Crazyhour...All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 17:46:06