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  1. i believe this it is dead I cannot acces this tracker
  2. I have one invite to jpopsuki, one invite to bithdtv, 2 invites to bemaniso, one invite to libranet and one to filelist Apply here and don't send me pm, give like, mention me, give me feedback after you will get the invite
  3. After about 3 weeks of using this great seedbox i can easely say this is one of the greatest With trackers like hdchina, hdhome, pter i have about 5 TB upload that help me promote different user classes Trust me, it is very hard to build upload for exempla at hdchina Thank you seedit4me!
  4. Tracker Name: HDChina Tracker URL: https://hdchina.org/ Free for one week during National Day, invitations will be open on 8/9/10, and the invitation price will be reduced by 100,000. I wish you all a happy holiday!
  5. one of the greatest seedboxes. Trust me i have used seedboxes from seedboxes.cc, from rapidseedbox, etc. I have great upload with seedit4me
  6. Tracker Name : Filelist.io Tracker URL : https://filelist.io/ SiteWide freeleech : GLOBAL FREELEECH IS ACTIVE [Expires in: 4h ]
  7. 5 x invites sent https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/151077-8-x-invites-giveaway/
  8. Only one sportscult available because tracker hdmonkey is dead
  9. Only hdmonkey and sportscult to send
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