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  1. I've been using seedit4me for more then 8 weeks and i can say it is one of the best because of the space, 1,5TB. Download and upload are good for speed, it can be better. It did not crushed in 8 weeks and i can say it is a very good thing. Easy to use, i use it only at rtorrent because deluge it is not preinstaled. I used it for ncore, chd and i get ratios over 1
  2. I do not apply anymore I just got an invite
  3. I can give one invite to hd momkey Apply here Dont send me pm Give lile
  4. I can give 1×Abnormal only for french users, will ask proof 1×Sdbits 1×3dtorrents 1×funfile 1×newpropaganda I have the same rules as all my giveaways
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