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  1. Doar pentru cei care folosesc Chrome browser. Pentru evitarea acelui mesaj din browser-ul Chrome, în momentul downloadarii unui torrent, care avertizează ca fișierul torrent este periculos și este blocat la download, folosiți în pagina de detalii a torrentului butonul Magnet DL pentru download și totul va fi ok. Only for Chrome browser users. To avoid that message from the Chrome browser when downloading a torrent that warns that the torrent file is dangerous and is blocked by download, use the Magnet DL download button on the torrent details page to download and everything will be ok. Staff
  2. It is with immense sadness that we must announce the departure of our long-running SysOp — Artifaxx — from his position as Head Gazelle, Cracker of Whips, Breaker of Code Chains, Mr. Fix It, and our Boss Man. There unfortunately comes a time in the life of every person who wears the pants to remove those now worn and torn pants and be awarded the opportunity to spend more time focusing on other, real-life responsibilities as they become more demanding. He began his Great Gaming Gazelle worshipping by helping out with bits and bobs behind-the-scenes and implementing some code improvements (although 'improvement' may be debated by some), and over many years played an integral part in site development. He eventually made his way to the top to take over the reigns of the gazelle sleigh and was responsible for keeping the lights on. We've been through our fair share of blackouts, it's true, and our beloved Artifaxx has been on the receiving end of blame for the most part — which was probably somewhat deserved to be fair — but without him and his continued dedication and love for this community and his role in it, we would not have gotten through it and GazelleGames would not continue to be the greatest site of its kind today and maybe ever. The departure of Artifaxx will leave a hole in our hearts, and we would like to thank him for all the time and effort he has put into maintaining our community, so that it could grow into what it is today. In celebration of all he has done for this community, the contributions he has made and the time he has spent with us, we've activated a 24h Global Freeleech. So on behalf of all users — thank you for leaving and giving us freeleech. GGn won't go unloved and unnurtured and will remain in the care of our other trusted and very capable administrators, luminous and Mandos, who will continue to uphold the same high level of standards and care we've become so familiar with. Thank you Artifaxx, you will be a legend for generations to come. GGn Staff
  3. Due to the BUG in the station, the user receives the HR warning and list, and everyone does not need to pay attention to it. The current HR is in the testing stage. I hope everyone knows, don't panic.
  4. | THT | General | 2019 Review Tracker URL Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio based Bonus System Yes Maintaining ratio Easy Tracker Signup Invite only Banned Countries None The-Torrents is a Romanian General private tracker that used to be open for free sign up for long time but now it has improved in terms of content and members database and shifted to invites only tracker. Speeds and pre times are OK, especially in new torrents. TheTorrents has internal team called ThT who just add Romanian subtitles to Scene Movies encodes. You have to seed each completed torrent for 1:1 ratio or 48 hours after download is finished and they give each member some H&R slots according to their user class levels. Their invites system is very easy and available all the time and you can exchange bonus points to spend on things like upload credit, invites, VIP, waring removal or you can gift your points to another member, so maintaining ratio here not a thing to worry about. You have adult content on different page. Invites can be send only by VIP Home Browse Ro subbed Categories Browse Adult Faq Rules Request Subtitles Bonus points Forum Donate Challenges Ratings Pre times 9/10 Community 8/10 Content 9/10 Speed 9/10 Tracker score 9/10
  5. 2019 Rule: New preferred format is x265/hevc 1080p. However you can upload x264 1080p/720p if x265 1080p is NOT available.
  6. 站点维护中... The site is down for maintenance
  7. Please login, please login / Please do not logout your account until further notice Please do not logout your account otherwise you may not be able to login again.
  8. Welcome to invitehawk You can try elbitz for e-learning
  9. Welcome to invitehawk Here you can find hd trackers