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  1. Scheduled Downtime READY Final staff only testing before the public release. Check back around the next weekend. Updated: 5 October 2019
  2. From site's staff on their Facebook page: Good morning folks! As I start another day of updating passwords I thought I would just clarify some things about the validation email option: 1) Everyone needs to change passwords...they could not be imported with the rest of the site so no matter how many times you try your old one it will not work! 2)By far the best option is to go to the login page and click "Forgot Password", enter your email address and keep an eye on your spam filter. 3)The mail can take up to 1 hour to arrive and then only has a validity of 2 hours before the invitation expires...ie wait until you are going to be around before you send the request. 4)If you have sent multiple forgot password requests (unnecessary) and they all arrive at similar times it is only the last one that will work. The best plan is to only send 1, wait a couple of hours and then contact me if it doesnt arrive 5)Before you try and access the site, even to get the validation email sent, you should clear cache and cookies, reboot your PC and delete any TVC bookmarks from your browser. Some of you obviously no longer have access to the emails you are registered with, or are unable to activate their emails and that is no problem, I can change your password manually, but with such a high volume of messages you could be waiting for many hours for a reply...yesterday I had a 6 hour backlog at the start of the day and finally managed to clear the inbox after a 12h marathon. This morning it is full again! Once I have assigned a new password for you it is not possible to change it back on site...the password/email edit for members is one of the things that is not yet up and running and attempting to use it invariably has led to members being locked out again. This will be fixed shortly, but for the moment please keep the temp passwords. As was the case yesterday, I can only reply to personal messages, not to comments on this or any other post on this page. Please do not forget to include your username with any message.....without knowing who you are I can't help you (and having to open messages and reply asking for further details is a waste of everyones time!) If you have not heard from me within a couple of hours please be patient....sending a follow-up message moves you up to the top of the inbox and I am working from the bottom up (so you will be waiting for even longer!). I will get to each and every one of you in turn. I also cannot deal with any other site related issues or questions, only password changes. Once you are back on the site you can look for help there, but please don't flood the forums reporting every bug you find....we know that there is a lot to do, we just wanted to give you you access to your site with a minimum of delay and that meant going live before we were actually ready to do so. If you have left me a message requesting a password change and later get in via the email please remember to let me know (or I will change your pass and you will be locked out again!) For people wanting to join the site: Please do not send me messages....it will do you no good . Sign-up will reopen briefly in a week or 2 once the site is stable again. My only priority is getting the existing members back in at the moment (and cluttering up my inbox only delays that process). Once you are back on the site please go to the home page and click on the green banner to read important information about the new site and changes Thanks for reading...I hope to have you all back in by the end of today! ps...please don't call me Sir, Mate or Fella...I am a lady!
  3. Under the ACE banner, several Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix, are requesting millions of dollars in damages from the owner and an employee of SET TV, a now defunct IPTV service. In a default judgment the company was already ordered to pay millions in copyright infringement damages and ACE now requests the same against the former employees. Last year the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the anti-piracy alliance featuring several Hollywood studios, Amazon, Netflix, and other entertainment outfits, sued Florida-based SET Broadcast, LLC. At the time, the company offered a popular software-based IPTV service and also sold pre-loaded set-top boxes. These were portrayed as legitimate, but ACE and its members disagreed. “Defendants market and sell subscriptions to ‘Setvnow,’ a software application that Defendants urge their customers to use as a tool for the mass infringement of Plaintiffs’ copyrighted motion pictures and television shows,” their complaint read. Soon after the lawsuit was filed the IPTV service went offline, leaving its 180,000 subscribers behind. But that didn’t mean the case against SET TV, its owner Jason Labossiere, and its employee Nelson Johnson was over. ACE pressed on, hoping to get a judgment in its favor. Without any of the defendants putting up a defense, ACE booked its first victory a few months ago. The media companies submitted a motion for a default judgment against the company SET Broadcast, LLC, which the court granted. In a ruling handed down last July, the court ordered SET TV to pay $7,650,000. This reflects the maximum statutory damages of $150,000 for each of the 51 works that were infringed by the defunct IPTV provider. While ACE was pleased with the outcome, it wasn’t done yet. The default judgment only applied to the corporate entity, not the owner and its employee. With a new request, the anti-piracy alliance hopes to hold Labossiere and Johnson liable as well. While the other two defendants initially responded to the court, they didn’t answer any recent requests. As such, ACE is now requesting a similar default judgment against Labossiere and Johnson, holding them jointly and severally for the payment of the $7,650,000 in damages “Defendants Labossiere and Johnson are the individual Defendants who operated, managed, and ultimately profited from the willful, unlawful business of Set Broadcast. Settled law permits entry of default against willful infringers likeLabossiere and Johnson who refuse to participate in their own defense,” ACE writes. “Plaintiffs therefore respectfully request that the Court enter default judgment against Labossiere and Johnson and hold them jointly and severally liable for the harm they inflicted upon Plaintiffs,” the Alliance adds. In addition to the damages, ACE also requests a permanent injunction to prevent any future copyright infringement. Among other things, the defendants should be prohibited from operating the SetTV now service, as well as any website, system, software, or service that is substantially similar. Without a response from the defendants, it’s likely that the court will grant the order. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  4. Check Notification Settings Due to a recent bug that has since been fixed, if you have tried to save your user settings in the last couple of weeks, your notification settings may have been turned off. Please double check them under your User Settings and make sure they are set to they way you want them. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. Google Translation: Disruption in progress, thank you for your patience
  6. Tracker's Name:Tigris Tracker Genre:General Sign-up Link:https://tigris-t.net/login.php?mit=signup Closing date:Very soon! Additional information:Tigris Tracker is a small Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases. Note: All new registrations must be approved by the management! You will receive an email notification of your approval!
  7. Problem with the server at the moment. Working on it. No current ETA for a fix. Will update in a few hours.
  8. An investigation in Italy is targeting people who not only upload pirated copies of news publications to WhatsApp and Telegram, but those who download them too. Three key providers of content have already been identified using marked content and there are threats to fine downloaders too. Last week, chaos was widespread in the ‘pirate’ IPTV market after authorities in Italy took unprecedented action against the operators of Xtream Codes. Undoubtedly prompted into action by entertainment and media industry groups, the same authorities are now tackling another perceived threat to revenues – piracy of daily newspapers. In common with the IPTV crackdown, the latest effort is somewhat unusual in that it tackles fairly unconventional methods and techniques for distribution. Rather than above-ground and obvious websites, Italian authorities are chasing down suppliers to and users of various chat groups. Authorities reportedly have three key individuals on their radar who are suspected of providing digital copies of daily newspapers to WhatsApp and Telegram groups with many thousands of subscribers. Italy’s Postal and Communications Police recently provided the prosecutor of Cagliari a report with the details of the three men. According to La Repubblica, they include a man from Sardinia born in 1974 and another from Milan born in 1964. The newspaper titles they reportedly distributed to the groups were available officially via monthly subscriptions costing a few euros. However, one of the suspects, an unemployed computer technician from Turin, somehow managed to crack or ‘steal’ the passwords used to access the newspapers. After the discovery of this unlawful access and distribution, the publishers of newspaper L’Unione Sarda filed a complaint. Then, in collaboration with the Postal Police, the company placed ‘markers’ in downloaded copies of their paper which allowed them to see where the copies were being distributed. After identifying two channels distributing their content, the investigators found a third, more important channel. However, when Telegram was approached for assistance, the company failed to respond, so the investigators carried out their own work, “cross-checking financial transactions” of paying channel users to uncover the identity of the channel operator/uploader. Once identified, the alleged operator received a visit at his home in Turin and was reportedly caught in the act of uploading pirated copies of newspapers, accessed with ‘stolen’ passwords, to the channels being investigated. But despite this apparent success, the problem of ‘pirate’ newspapers continues. According to the Italian Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FIEG), Telegram is refusing to respond to its complaints about “repeat and massive infringement, meaning that there are at least eight additional groups still in existence, servicing an alleged 500,000 ‘pirate’ users. In a follow-up and subscription-only interview with La Repubblica, Giuseppe Zafarana, general commander of Italy’s Guardia di Finanza (the force behind last week’s IPTV raids), wondered how many pirates would be reading his words without paying for them. Estimating “several dozen thousand” illegal readers, Zafarana said that they will now be getting the message that they “will know no rest” and these types of anti-piracy actions are only the beginning of a drive to protect cinema, TV, sports and journalistic content. “We will identify and we will seize the servers, wherever they are, that are used for piracy and we will hit and confiscate the assets of those who enrich themselves by violating copyright,” he said. Finally, in addition to tackling those who supply pirate content, authorities are also threatening to go after those who consume it too. It was mentioned last week that customers of IPTV providers could be tracked down and given fines and it seems they feel the same way about consumers of ‘pirated’ newspapers too. Whether that’s bluster will remain to be seen but prosecuting millions of consumers through an already under-pressure legal system is unlikely to be a simple prospect. Perhaps a handful of ‘show trials’ will be the more likely outcome. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  9. Google Translation: Team EXTREME Poll Hello Elitian friends, A recent survey has been proposed to the community and we would love to hear your opinion on this topic. For this it's simple, just go to the main page (down the page) to vote. You can also add a small answer on the relevant topic to justify your choice if you wish. here Thank you for your involvement on the tracker and good luck Staff
  10. Site is offline for scheduled maintenance.
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