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  1. Tracker's Name:PrivateHD (Open for application signup) Genre:HD Sign-up Link: Closing date:Soon! Review's Link: Additional information:PrivateHD is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV Releases. Note: The site is open for application signup Requirements At least one of your profiles must meet the following requirements to be considered: 500 GB upload Ratio of 1.0 or greater Account older than 3 months Show you are seeding on your profile proof screenshot Screenshots MUST be uncropped (Editing out passkeys and PIDs is allowed) It can take from a few hours to several days for an application to be reviewed. You need to be patient.
  2. CrazyHour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 1d 05:17:03
  3. Google Translation: Choose the movie you want to see in Freeleech FREELEECH Choose the movie you want to see in Freeleech Make your picks here For all !!
  4. Saturday 12.10.2019 to Sunday Evening 13.10.2019 and 19.10.2019 Saturday to Sunday evening 20.10.2019 confirmed
  5. MASS-PM-FOOTBALL-TODAY ### MASS-PM ### LIVE STREAMS/FOOTBALL ### Hello members New Upcoming Football Games have been scheduled for today, discovered by System Vist our Live Football Streams page for more details. Or if your not into football or just not into notifications you can visit your Account Settings(Football Notifications) to disable this notification in future. -------------------------------------------- Thanks for being part of our site hope everything is as you like, if not or you have any ideas for improvements etc just let us know
  6. Crazyhour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 2 Hours 29 Minutes 02 Seconds
  7. Freeleech is activated
  8. Google Translation: Update: NB v2 In this instance, we will shut down NB v1 while transferring data, As we have written, we will shut down NB v1 while moving the last data. Then we open for NB v2. we expect a down time of 1-2 hours. When you log on to NB, you are automatically logged on to NB v2. Here will be a login screen here You then have to enter your username and password and press. recover password An email will now be sent to the email address you have on NB, with the new password. Remember to check spam if mail is not in your inbox. You will then get a new login screen, where you enter your username and password you have received by mail and then press login. Then you are on NB v2 and can no longer access NB v1. But all this, you will be able to read more about when you log on to NB v2 for the first time.
  9. Google Translation: NEW!!! DOWNLOAD CONTEST!!! Yes, you've heard right, we started a new download contest! We, IceTorrent staff, we thought of a contest at which all users can participate! So show us that you're the best! If you think your Hard Drive can handle this contest then don't lose too much time and participate ! Awards: - For each TB downloaded you'll receive one TB upload and the Special Vip Rank for one month. Contest rules: - To participate at this contest, you can download torrents from all categories except XXX torrents; - All downloaded torrents must to be kept at seed for at least 48 hours (if they are not kept at least 48 hours at seed, they won't be considered in this contest); - In order to participate at this contest you have to reply at this forum post; - In the moment that you post your intention of participating at this contest, you have to upload a screen shot with your download amount value (in order to see how much download GB/TB you had before joining the contest) and one screen shot with your download amount value at the end of the contest (in order to validate your downloaded amount). WARNING: we will check all your downloaded torrents to see if all of them respected the rules (the torrents that didn't followed the rules will be excluded from the contest); - The contest period is: 18.09.2019 - 18.10.2019. Before participating, please Read again the Rules and FAQ Don't lose any time and participate! Use your Hard Drive at it's best ! Don't forget: torrent seed is the key of success!
  10. Millennium Films is utilizing the US court system to put pressure on sites, services and apps that are linked to piracy. After the shutdown of the popular CotoMovies app, the company has now switched its attention to several sites that were 'linked' to the app, including Verystream and Streamango. Millennium Films and its daughter companies have been rather active with their anti-piracy efforts in recent months. The movie companies have targeted some of the largest piracy apps and websites in court with the ultimate goal of shutting them down. Last week this resulted in a major success when the popular app CotoMovies decided to shut down. This was a direct result of legal pressure from Millennium Films which, in the process, brokered an unusual deal. In addition to shutting down and issuing a public apology, CotoMovies confirmed that it will share user data with the movie companies. According to the movie company’s attorney, Kerry S. Culpepper, this data can “more than likely” be used to go after users of the streaming piracy app. While no further details have emerged since, the CotoMovies aftermath continues. A few days ago Millennium Films obtained a subpoena which requires Cloudflare to hand over the personal details of people connected to several file-hosting and streaming sites. These targets include Verystream and Streamango, two very popular hosting services with millions of users each, which were reportedly used by CotoMovies to serve videos. The other sites, Fembed, VShare, Vidlox, Flix555, Streamplay, and 0123movies, all have a CotoMovies connection as well. “The above web domains have been identified as streaming copies of Owner’s motion picture(s) and supplying said streams to the piracy app ‘CotoMovies’,” Culpepper informed the Hawaii Federal Court. Culpepper requests the name, address, telephone, email, payment records, and IP address log history for each associated customer. This will likely be used to conduct follow-up investigations. The services and sites are informally accused of making Millennium’s copyrighted content available without permission. That said, it’s not clear whether the operators of these domains can be held directly liable. After all, most sites rely on user-uploaded content. Millennium, however, seems determined to keep digging for more information, perhaps hoping that more apps and services will fold. “Millennium greatly values their and other’s intellectual property. Millennium cannot keep making new movies if people steal Millennium’s movies through apps like these,” Millennium Media co-president Jonathan Yunger informed TorrentFreak last week, following the CotoMovies shutdown. — A copy of the subpoena directed at Cloudflare is available here (pdf). Source:
  11. Google Translation: Status Update: Tracker: Performance issues Update in progress Maintenance of the tracker Thanks for your understanding .
  12. XXX - XXX - XXX - XXX OUR XXX CATEGORY HAS BECOME A REALITY! Read more about it here
  13. Freeleech is ON until 22 Sep 2019 DoubleUpload is ON until 22 Sep 2019 Half Download is ON until 22 Sep 2019
  14. Site is back and okay to login .