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  1. It looks like this is a brand new tracker yes? 559 people registered when I logged in - and bugger all torrents? But always good to sign up to more
  2. I joined the channel too the 20 odd other people you are refering too is actually one person called 25_other_people because when I joined they changed their name to 26_other_people etc couldnt see how to join either, someone - (anonymous) said they sent it via pm's but for the life of me I couldnt figure out how to access pm's /shrug
  3. I signed up for this 2 days ago- never received a confirmation email - when I go to login It says to log in the normal way. I sent them an email - but received no reply. Just sayin' it's weird
  4. Just signed up to this myself, - but weirdly it leads to a forum and you get a message saying to login the normal way?? - So I dont know..
  5. Tracker Name:sitedev.club Genre:E-Learning Review (If Any) Sign Up Link:https://sitedev.club/forum/register/ Closing Time:Dunno Additional Information:Open signup
  6. Weird thing is - there is absolutely no confirmation code there at all...... I checked 3 times. - Scrolled all the way down the webpage etc. no confirmation code is there. (if it wasn't posted on this site - I would swear its a phising scam)
  7. Signup failed! You have entered the wrong confirmation code.
  8. Groovy - And you can even switch the site to English if you like
  9. Just a fyi if your signing up to this tracker. I signed up (twice) both times, using different email addresses, the confirmation email never arrived. I did what they suggested 'to request password etc' via email (both times) and both times it produced an error on the web page Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Not sure whether this is a brand new tracker or not, but they seem to be bugged - Obviously also not sure whether it's just me that didnt get the email - but thought I should post here and let people know
  10. Hmm correct signup page is @ = vhstapes.org - select the memberhip tab (applications are encrypted, as is I think the whole site - so links not working correctly) apologies this is the first opensignup I have listed.
  11. Tracker Name:vhstapes.org Genre: old Review (If Any) Sign Up Link VHSTAPES VHSTAPES.ORG (click membership) application is encrypted Closing Time:dont know - but soon Additional Information:VHS tapes, open for application signup
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