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  1. VPN.ht is asking a Virginia federal court to dismiss the piracy lawsuit filed by a group of movie companies earlier this year. The VPN service argues that the court has no jurisdiction over the company and its Algerian operator, who had never heard of Virginia before this case started. VPN.ht also asks the court to lift a temporary restraining order that froze the PayPal account of a third-party company. A group of movie production outfits, including affiliates of the film studios Millennium Media and Voltage Pictures, filed a lawsuit against VPN.ht in March. The companies ac
  2. The Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment has announced that it has "put a permanent end" to the activities of piracy release group NTG. Working online under the pseudonym 'notthegrinch', the operator of the group ripped movies and TV shows from streaming services and uploaded them to several major private trackers from where they spread to more public services. Those who dare to place thousands of pirated movies and TV shows online via so-called ‘release groups’ tread a very fine line. On the one hand, they could face the wrath of law enforcement and potentially years in
  3. After being founded in 2017, 123movies.la grew to become one of the most popular pirate streaming sites online. But along with tens of millions of monthly visitors, its profile also drew unwanted attention. The site's domain is now in the hands of the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment after its operator reached an agreement with ACE and agreed to close down. The brand ‘123movies’ and variants thereof have been associated with many pirate streaming platforms over the years, some more successful than others. As far back as 2016, 123Movies.to was being watched by Hollywo
  4. A streaming platform has warned people who allegedly shared pirate links of hit K-pop musical Midnight Sun that they are being reported to INTERPOL. MetaTheater took the unusual step of publishing the names of eight Twitter accounts that would also face lawsuits. However, at least two of the targets say they are innocent and MetaTheater appears to be backtracking. With its roots firmly in South Korea, K-pop has since developed into a truly global phenomenon, with the incredibly popular BTS as an obvious example. This has led to the rise of so-called ‘idols’, stars of the K-po
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