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  1. I already told you. Please read my reply again The Invite channel is #bakabt-invites. It is in the Link. There is nothing more to explain here. I already mentioned that it might take weeks to get an Invite as admins don't reply all the time. And you know the channel name. If you need any clarification, feel free to PM me.
  2. This is Interesting. I am applying Thanks.
  3. AnimeTorrents - I don't think they are open & the Invite system is not working the last time I checked. I may be wrong. You can get an account from Members Shop directly when it's available. AnimeBytes - via GazelleGames, Redacted, etc. Check this Link for more Information BakaBT - Interview Signup. Not a big deal. There will be a simple interview like MyAnonamouse's one. That's not the issue. The issue is that sometimes it takes days to signup for an interview in IRC as the staff tends to be busy and don't attend all the time. Be online 24*7 in IRC, and if you are
  4. Sorry to hear that. As I mentioned before, Cinematik Staff are not on InviteHawk. You need to find a way to contact them. Probably IRC (if there is one)? PS: Contact your Inviter once before contacting the Cinematik Staff. I am not much familiar with how cinematik staff deal with re-activation requests. It's good to send your Inviter a message before messaging the Cinematik Staff. I hope I answered your query.
  5. No. Cinematik is a private tracker, and 99% of Private trackers Staff don't keep accounts on Invite forums.
  6. I don't understand your query. Are you looking for the Cinematik Tracker, or have any queries related to the cinematic tracker? If you are looking for an Invite, This is not the right place. Try Requests or Marketplace sub-forum. Otherwise, please explain your query correctly. Are you looking for Cinematik Staff here on InviteHawk by any chance? Kind regards,
  7. @noobtsung I´ve seen your PM just now. Please check this reply as you are also interested in DP.
  8. As mentioned here, Destination Poker removed their recruitment from MyAnonamouse Official Invite forum after the change in Management. And they don't provide invites easily except by donation. That said, I am not sure where Destination Poker is recruiting from currently. I'll try to find out more information, but I am not sure if I will succeed. That is all I know. How does it look like? I will try to send you some Screenshots by EOD.
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