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  1. Thanks. There are so many Chinese trackers, and I was not sure where to start. But I will add every tracker the members contribute. I will add them in the next update.
  2. Tracker Name: Telly Genre: Indian Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://telly.wtf/register/null Closing Time: Open for next 3-4 hours!
  3. I will try to keep you updated. The staff is already aware of these issues. It's risky to ask members of other countries / InviteHawk to ask on your behalf. If that's the risk they are willing to take, you can go ahead.
  4. Well, It's a fairly new tracker with fewer total torrents compared to its peers (other general trackers), and more than 33% of torrents in the tracker have either a single seeder or no seeder at all. That's a shame. In my opinion, there is a long way to go, and there is nothing special about this tracker. Members prefer well-established trackers, so they don't have to waste time for the downloads to complete and peers to re-appear. Productivity matters
  5. Nothing you can do. That happened to many members. All you can do is wait for the support (IRC or Discord) to become available, but there is no timeline. But if you have any friends in Desitorrents from your country, you can ask them to post in the forums on your behalf. That way, a few members got their accounts back.
  6. It's working. Are you opening the correct URL, and if you are from India, I heard that Indian ISPs blocked the Desitorrents website. Try logging in via a VPN. But if you haven't reset your password yet, you need to do that to be able to log in to Desitorrents. Good luck Many users are facing the same issue. Wait for either IRC or discord channel to become available for the tracker support. You can't do anything about it till then.
  7. Added more Invites to this Giveaway. Follow this topic to get notifications whenever I add new trackers.
  8. Checking 4-5 times a day is not going to blacklist you in anything. Torrent checking program, maybe. Don't use apps, but use websites such as VisualPing to get notifications when the signups are open or not. But please note that it's only possible with VisualPing premium, which is a waste of money, So you need to find alternatives. Either way, leave it for now. You are too late to the party, and signups may have closed. I am sure it will open again. It may be very soon or maybe after a year or a two. We don't know when.
  9. PM me two of your best ratio proofs in the following format and the Invite is yours
  10. I will have one more open registration for anyone who missed, but not today, not tomorrow, maybe in a week or two (8 to 9 AM EST) for hour or two.
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