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  1. DogNZB is a paid indexer. The price is US$20 for one year. After the trial period (You will get a trial for 5 days for the new accounts, as far as I know), you won't be able to log in without payment. If you are ok with that, I don't have any Invites, but I'll see if I have any (trial expired) accounts lying around but immediately after logging in, you need to make the payment.
  2. Not a recommended tracker. My personal opinion is that the tracker's stats are fake (including the number of seeders and leechers). Accounts get deleted frequently and what not. Overall, IPTorrents & Milkie are better than this. And, everyone, please don't forget to use random passwords for the new trackers. Using a random password generator and different passwords for trackers is worth it, whether it's a new tracker or an old one, but necessary for the new trackers. I recommend the LastPass password manager (free version).
  3. HDMonkey is a decent tracker, and for each torrent that you have at seeding, you receive 0.25 points every 15 minutes. So it's not hard to build up the ratio. I am not sure where to check the exact stats, but there are a good number of torrents in the tracker. Screenshot of number of pages of torrents >
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