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  1. LegacyHD is no more. Now it's Reelflix. @KILLSHOT If you are not in the tracker and unsure what happened, It's best not to post downtime news related to that tracker. Only post the news of the trackers you are in. Don't throw stones in the blind.
  2. Tracker Name - ThePirateSociety Tracker URL - https://thepiratesociety.org I would be grateful if anyone could send me an Invite to ThePirateSociety. I am also ok with accounts. Reward: 50000 BP or more. We can negotiate. PM me
  3. Tracker Name - Militaryzone Tracker URL - http://www.militaryzone.info I would be grateful if anyone could send me an Invite to Militaryzone. I am also ok with accounts. Reward: 50000 BP or more. We can negotiate. PM me
  4. Posting News related to regular donation announcements made by trackers are no longer allowed.
  5. It is not easy to get a GazelleGames Invite here. Even if you get invited, there is a good chance you will get banned as GazelleGames bans a lot unless you get invited via official recruitment. That is why you don't see many GazelleGames Giveaways these days. It's best not to even try for an Invite here due to the above reason. Good luck
  6. I didn't see any Cinematik Invites in my lifetime. I am not saying it's impossible, but there is very little chance of you getting a cinematik invite in InviteHawk. Invites are given only to members with good standing for a long time if I am not wrong, and they have to be manually approved. The easiest way is to get an account from the Members Shop / Store. Good luck
  7. Bibliotik is not easy to get via Requests unless you are damn lucky. When compared to other trackers, let's say Bibliotik is a mid-level tracker on the higher end. For the last few years, Bibliotik has always had members near to or below 6000, so getting invites from one of those members is not easy. The easiest and safest way to join the tracker is via baconBits official recruitment. Good luck.
  8. OOnews is currently open. Sign Up Link: https://oonews.eu/login Closing Time: Soon! Stats: Last 2 Weeks - 75.8 TiB & 44551 Releases Last Month - 140.4 TiB & 92554 Releases
  9. NinjaCentral (NZB) is open for registrations till friday Sign Up Link: https://ninjacentral.co.za/register Closing Time: Friday
  10. This sub-forum is for posting about Trackers that are open for Sign up for a limited time or Certain time. If you come across any DDL or Usenet sites open for a limited time, comment on this topic as it is not allowed to post them separately. It will be helpful for members. Members can follow this topic to get regular updates related to Open Signups of non-trackers. Don't Spam!! Try not to post more than three comments per day. Try to provide some additional info about the site (Members, Stats, etc.). Members who contribute to this topic will be sent Bonus Points. This topic is created to remove ambiguity regarding the posting of non-trackers which will also help reduce spam.
  11. Tracker Name: New Age Music Genre: Music Sign Up Link: https://newage-music.ru/profile.php?mode=register Closing Time: Soon! Additional Information: Russian PT for Music.
  12. (This is a brand new tracker with 0 torrents and 20 users. It is not recommended to join this tracker. It will be added to the topic Public Trackers - List and Signup Information in the next update and removed only when it's worthwhile. New members, read A word of caution for new members before joining a new tracker) Tracker Name: SkipthecommercialsGenre: Sign Up Link: https://skipthecommericals.xyz/register/null Closing Time: Not Applicable Additional Information: A brand new TV only tracker using Unit3d code
  13. @r_tazib Telly is Open. Have you signed up?
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