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  1. Apply, tag me and in the end, leave a feedback!
  2. In the past 2/3 iterations, has been AMD. With production costs falling, I bet we all will be using ARM chips within the next decade. Unless AMD or Intel have an unexpexcted breaktrough.
  3. @nomercymina, I would like to apply for the Linkomanija invite. Thank you!!
  4. @blackcrow tleech and ipt. Made 4TB in one year. My usage decreased and seed amount went down to 1TB/year. It depends a LOT of how you approach it. I wasn't focusing on seeding, just normal usage.
  5. Go here: Has a lot of leads. I wouldnt, though. Too many risks.
  6. Interact in the forum and go to Requests/ Invite Giveaways section. Check Open Trackers Section if you are in a hurry.
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