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  1. I could definitely still use it and am super stoked that there are a couple people who don't so I still have a chance! Just saying to keep me in the running please
  2. I already have TorrentLeech but would like to apply for IPTorrents, thank you @DarkNTwisted
  3. Thanks for all the info, still a bit new to all this, but I think I like the ratio ones more because the seedbox lets me gets high ratios and it's fun to watch them climb lol
  4. I'm curious if anybody here who has seedbox.io has had any visible difference between using the 'premium traffic' option or not. I feel like it's just a checkbox to nowhere that charges you an extra $3 a month, but I'm wondering if anyone has used it and if there is any impact that you could tell. Thanks!
  5. @WrecklessRush I apply thank you for doing this
  6. wow, no ratio? so it works like a public tracker, but not?
  7. Wow I never thought such a specific tracker would exist, thanks for this review - I'll be on the look out to try and find an invite now
  8. Ha! The requests screenshot has a local bands album listed on it.. what a trip!
  9. I know this is old but wanted to follow up, I am using seedbox.io also and it seems to have a new owner, it works great though is very basic - the new owner is adding a new line that has a larger variety of available applications, and added quite a bit more storage to the existing boxes which are just rtorrent, resilio sync, and ftp Anyway, just wanted to +1 the seedbox.io, feel free to PM me questions if you have any
  10. definitely works but can use a ton of storage, it shouldn't be too difficult to set up, what torrent client is your seedbox using?
  11. Thanks for this info! I have been eyeballing this tracker and found all the screenshots very helpful.
  12. I was a member briefly but eventually gave up on it. It was the first private tracker I joined that had a Hit and Run system, so not knowing that I got a bunch of HNRs and was banned. The staff was not very helpful but did let me back in my account so I appreciate that and then I learned with HNRs were and tried to fix it. I tried to redownload the torrents and several of them had turned dead in just those ocuple of days so I couldn't get them again, and then the other seemed to never have any leechers to seed to. I eventually just gave up on it from trying to fix my ratio, it just was
  13. this tracker doesn't seem very active, it's difficult to get ratio up, but it does have a very generous leech bonus system where your leech amount is deducted based on how much you are seeding (Regardless of how active it is) so once you get in a bit you can start edging your way up using that, and some of the new freeleech items will be somewhat popular, and there are a few packs that seem to have consistent leechers long term as well.
  14. Torrentleech has a ton of freeleech torrents now, must have changed since this review. A lot of people seem to be trying to increase ratio here so new and recently popular torrents get a lot of action but quickly fade off for the next new thing, I assume it's people trying to get in on uploads right away to get ratios up, but if you are on top of things you can use that your advantage and boost your ratio pretty quick
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