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  1. Welcome to InviteHawk. Enjoy!
  2. Oh, the website says "the invitation system is not currently open." I can send it to you when it opens up
  3. HDU (pt.upxin.net) X 2 https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/140476-2-x-hdu-ptupxinnet-giveaways/
  4. @Vikadan I would like to apply. Thank you. Email PM'ed
  5. Give birth fast! Twelfth Anniversary Medal Portal: https://totheglory.im/mall.php?cid=5 Thank you for your love and support! The website has been reopened and will be automatically disabled without access for 6 weeks. Please log in frequently to keep your account active!
  6. Hey GGn community! New IP & Downtime As many of you noticed already, we encountered some issues with various servers recently. We've now been able to restore all important services and will continue to add servers in the future. This is also a good opportunity for us to take another look at some of our setups and make some improvements. As an upside, the slowness we've been experiencing throughout the past week should now be resolved. Our new site proxy now uses the IP Anyone who's been using a static routing bypass previously will need to update it with this new IP.
  7. As you've probably already noticed, we've just experienced some downtime on all our services. We had a few servers go offline (expectedly) and unfortunately had the backup servers go offline unexpectedly around the same time. No data has been lost, these were frontend servers. We are hard at work fixing all of our services and the site is back online, but IRC will take a bit longer. In the meantime, RED has generously allowed us to setup an IRC channel over on their network. So if you need to get in your GGn IRC fix, head on over to #GazelleGames on irc.scratch-network.net! It won't have ou
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