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  1. Tracker Name: Digital Core Genre: General Review (If Any) : Have around 27008 Torrents and increasing Sign Up Link: https://digitalcore.club/signup/ Closing Time: Not Known Additional Information: Vast variety of content
  2. @SchlampeSwanzen Appling for PreToMe invite. Can provide ratio proofs. Thanks in advance.
  3. Tracker Name: Majomparádé Genre: Hungarian General Sign Up Link: https://majomparade.eu/ Closing Time: Do not Know Additional Information : Use google translator to view in English and go to registration section and see the columns in which you have to fill what(because in translated page it do nothing ) then remove the auto translation and fill the details and register voila You will receive email for confirmation. Tracker Review :
  4. Tracker : Desitorrents.tv Site Up again
  5. Tracker : Desitorrents.tv Url : https://desitorrents.tv/ Something was wrong with your request, and the server is refusing to fulfill it. Site down
  6. @baby I would like to apply thanks in advance.
  7. News posted on Torrentleech Loginpage Get a Seedbox - Get an invite promo! We have opened signups for a limited time, with an awesome promo! Get a SeedBox from Seedit4.me, and in return enjoy an invite with 1 week of VIP on top! Head to sign up promo page here , to learn more! (https://www.torrentleech.org/user/account/promoreg) Buy a seedbox from Seedit4.me and get an invitation code for TorrentLeech.org! Accounts created with this promo will get 1 week of VIP and 15 GB upload credit The link below contains a special code, for the offer to work you MU
  8. @Nergal please lock the topic request fulfilled
  9. To apply: Like and Apply Here Reply to this post to apply, don't forget to mention me @HOCD1A035 Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invitation. Don't Pm me before applying here. I will choose the winner and ask him to pm me
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