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Karagarga (KG) News - Ratio Reform


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Karagarga (KG) News - Ratio Reform

Dear all,

we're reforming the ratio system.

The reform has been a long time coming and was discussed extensively among the devs/staff this year.

The first step will be lowered ratio requirements. The tracker rules page now reflects these new values. These new requirements do take effect immediately. We trust that this will reduce ratio stress.
Download amount: 0-100 Gb. Minimum share ratio: no requirement.
Download amount: 100-200 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.05.
Download amount: 200-400 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.1.
Download amount: 400-700 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.15.
Download amount: 700-1000 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.2.
Download amount: 1000 Gb or more Minimum share ratio: 0.25
In words, the differences are: the requirements start later (at 100gb rather than 20gb), they are slower (increase in .05 instead of .1), each step is longer, and therefore the ratio requirement becomes stable at 1TB instead of 500Gb.
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