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  1. This is my beloved uncle, my cousin and it's me why do I try and I should die do not say anything, be honest, please
  2. Free Leech Free Leech by 420billy! Ends Tue, 15 Jan 2019 10:37:20
  3. Pedro's BTMusic News - Scheduled downtime Scheduled downtime in January. Sometime after January the 20th we will go offline for around 2 weeks. During this time: List The main server will be moved to a new DC with better peering, also 20% cheaper List Taking the advantage of the downtime, the system will be readied for the new code. This is where the real downtime/delay comes in as a lot of information form the old DB has to be refactored into the new DB (e.g. a new way to store info on all the 90 thousand torrents). It will take a moment as a lot of manual supervision is unfortunately required. The main system will also receive 4 new drives (2x Intel SSD 1TB, 2x Samsung SSD 500GB) and more memory. We will be back from a new DC and on the new code starting Beta 1. First things to expect: List You will have 2 weeks to adjust yourself to the new Participation Requirement and Seeding Requirement before its enforcement goes live. Check the Migration Guide for any other details. Best if you start getting ready for that already. Or become an uploader and be done with it. Becoming a Quarterly Donor (around 20 EUR a quarter) will be an option. List An important change: Whoever is not an uploader (UL/U/UE/UV) or Hardware Founder or Site Friend (HF/SF) at the time of the move, and finds themselves below ratio 1.0, will have their membership terminated. Anyone at 1.0 or above will turn ratioless, as promised. List You will need a valid email to log in. Make sure both your username and email are valid as per "Migration Guide" below.
  4. 2x invite RULES 1 . Add Like & REP 2 . Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me in the comments 4 . Do not PM me, I will choose who i want them to go too. 5. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Invite
  5. PTFiles News - Crazy Hour Crazyhour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 29 Hours 5 Minutes 48 Seconds
  6. News - Maintenance Site is down for maintenance, please check back again later... thanks
  7. News - Maintenance 站点关闭维护中,请稍后再访问...谢谢 Google Translation: The site is closed for maintenance, please visit again later...Thank you
  8. PT.BTSchool News - Maintenance Google Translation: The site is closed for maintenance, please visit again later...Thank you
  9. HDSky News - Maintenance The site is down for maintenance
  10. HDChina News - Maintenance This site is down for maintenance.