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music TranceTraffic | TT | Music | 2019 Review

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Tracker Name: TranceTraffic
Tracker URL:
Tracker Genre: Music
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio: Hard
Bonus System: None
Banned Countries: None
Tracker IRC: Channel: #TranceTraffic

TranceTraffic is a private music tracker. TranceTraffic is a great community with lot of uploads and it's a 14 years old tracker. They have lots of exclusive packs and maintaining ratio is hard as due to the size of torrents and number as leechers.






TOP 10















Speed -- 9/10
Content --   9/10
Community  --  9/10
Rarity  --  9/10
Overall  --  9/10

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  • Similar Content

    • By stan0007
      Hey i'm Stan
      i'm passionate about techno/house/trance and want to expand my collection (currently 40 gig, no flacs).
      Would be very nice if someone could send me an invite for a music-related site although you don't know me yet.
    • By Archiee
      Am I the only one who is listening  music? If not then why you don't like to share what you're listening now it here than we can watch out about your music test & exploring some new music world that sharing each other and we can find beyond the modern world in this excellent platform.
      You can share whatever you like in here(youtube link, Spotify, etc.), but the only music related links.No advertising or promoting post not allow. If I find this kind of link, you'll be warned or banned.
    • By XerXes
      Shellife | SL | Music | 2019 Review

      Tracker Name    Shellife
      Tracker URL
      Tracker Genre    Ratio Based
      Tracker Type    Music
      Bonus System    Yes
      Seed difficultly    Medium
      Tracker Signup    Invite only
      Banned Countries    None
      Tracker IRC    #shellife @
      or via browser: widget.mibbit/Shellife

      Shellife is a private torrent for Indie, Electronic, Classical, Jazz, Punk, Metal, Folk, Rock music and more.
      The site has a friendly interface (you can customize the colors of the site, the logo and make your own styles).
      The content is "Non Mainstream" and I personally find it great for classical music.
      Maintaining ratio is pretty hard (under 0.5, downloading rights are canceled, and sometimes it is followed by banning the account),still there are freeleech torrents uploaded every day.
      Shellife has a bonus system,where you gain bonus points for seeding,filing requests or when you receive thanks from another user.Bonus points can be used to either purchase upload credits or invites











      Speed    6/10
      Content    8/10
      Community    7/10
      OverAll    8/10

    • By thorsten001
      A. Parlez-nous de vous?
      hello I am thorsten 001 from belgium. Long time torrent.Use to burn music and more, see question c

       B. Comment avez-vous trouvé InviteHawk?
      on Google
      C. Quels sites Torrent cherchez-vous? (N'indiquez rien si vous ne faites que naviguer)
      it goes music, video, computer, ect ....
      D. Utilisez-vous le même courrier électronique sur InviteHawk ainsi que sur les trackers? (Si oui, changez-le de votre profil ou contactez un membre du personnel)
      I do not have an account on a tracker (it's a new account you are first on)
      E. Avez-vous des suggestions pour InviteHawk?
      No, I will inform you when I have used the site
    • By cryterion | Music | 2019 Review
      Tracker URL
      Tracker Genre    Music
      Tracker Type    Ratio based
      Bonus System    Not yet Maintaining ratio    Easy
      Tracker Signup   Open signup Banned Countries  None   Music-master is a romanian tracker for music. It is at the beggining but it promise will be good. Home Browse Categories Faq Donate Disclaimer Links Ratings
      Pre times 6/10
      Community 6/10
      Content 7/10
      Speed 7/10
      Tracker score 7/10
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