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Win 23go more space on your dropbox

Guest mobicarte

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Guest mobicarte

So I just stumble upon an article about winning 23go of space on your dropbox.

I just did it and it worked amazing !

So now i'm here to share it back, the article was in french so I tried to translate it in english for you :)

Here is the source : http://www.blog-nouv...-cest-possible/

  • Execute/finish all steps @ https://www.dropbox.com/gs
  • With your android device you will need to uninstall the official app.
  • After that install the modified one that you can find here : http://dl.dropbox.co...20de%2023Gb.apk
  • Log in with the new app. I change my password to do the test, never be too cautious :P
  • Finally upload a file through the modified app
  • Tada ! You will receive a mail that say that you have now 23go more space for two years !!
It works because HTC had made a deal with dropbox to provide 23go more space to their device but this modified app make dropbox believe that you have an HTC device !

Hope that it worked for you too ! ^^

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