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btn : Everybody has been given one invite

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Oh... hey. Tomorrow arrived.

Recently we had an issue with our system that caused seed times to be improperly tracked, meaning that many people were shown as having erroneous hit and runs. Most of you probably didn't even notice it, but in any event, it was an unfortunate bug. I suppose it would be cliché at this point to blame ES, but I'm going to do it anyway. *shakes fist at ES*
This issue has since been fixed, and 2 weeks of seed time has been added to any torrent active since February 29th 2012. If you still have hit and runs it is likely that these are genuine and not caused by the recent issues.

We want to thank the members of BTN for being patient during that time while we were working on getting the problem resolved. To that end we have decided to open invitations to all members for 12 hours.
Everybody has been given one invite and will be able to use it any time between now (midnight GMT) and 12 hours from now (midday GMT). Elite+ may send unlimited invites during this period.
Our normal rules regarding invites still apply during this time, and they can be found here. You are responsible for the people you invite.

At the conclusion of this drive, BTN will revert back to its old system of only Masters and above being able to send invites. Most of you will still have invite codes, so use them!

Welcome new members. Say hi here!

Also, sitewide 2x upload.

//BTN Staff

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