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Aither Tracker - Torrent / Forum / Normal - Mods + Other Staff

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UPDATED - 2020 - JULY 28


Currently seeking one torrent mod, but overall 3 mods ---> 1 owner, 1 SysOP, 2 Admins , 1 Staff Chief,  2 Forum mods, 2 Torrent mods, 2 Normal mods  <--- Our backbone blueprint


So we need to promote one mod to Admin , then promote 1 normal mod to Staff Chief,  then promote 2 F or T mods to Normal mods + then replace those 2 mods (F or T)


So everyone is welcome to apply, we will train and teach you. There will ofc be a checkup. We have staffers on basically every tracker on the web so we will just check reputation and behavior, not ratio or such. So if you are a widley known troublemaker trying to sneak in to abuse... forget it.


(we may need a Ghost or two, dont ask what they do, only 1 staffer knows and wont tell, but if your smart enough to get a clue. talk to me first and ill refer you



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