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Donations ... what donations?


Yeah yeah me again, beggin at yer door .... it's just, you know, I did think we sort of would be OK now. What with adding ebooks to ABT as well, and thus giving everyone not JUST audio, but ebooks as well, and let's face it, we do have some flippin' good content folks. Yet - for April we had an entire 20 Euro donated. Yes. 20 Euro. Now I honestly have to ask you to please tell me how the hell do I run a site on 20 euro? It IS NOT my duty to give you free books. I am under NO obligation to simply give it all away. All I ask from anyone on here is JUST FIVE BUCKS DOLLARS EURO A YEAR EACH. Geez man guys n gals, is that so hard? JUST A FIVER. ONCE A YEAR. EACH.
Please do your civic duty? To the few that always try and help, I yet again extend my sincere gratitude!!!

For P***, navigate to here and sign up with the same username as on HERE. After that you can login. If you are already registered, just login.

Then go into the SHOP tab, ( do not click a book directly, if you are directed to Amazon, it is wrong!!!) - USE SHOP TAB ONLY - buy a bundle for whatever the amount is you'd like to donate, and that's it ... do not enter any details, it's all auto, and we don't need attention drawn to "donate to torrent tracker" problems hehe.

Should you wish, you can download the bundles afterward.

I get the notification immediately so will credit accordingly.

Should you wish to donate via a V*** card, PM me on site with the amount and the email address to send the link to, and the payment will be done via P***. (I'll send you the link via your email)



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