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  1. Samsung has just introduced the budget-friendly Galaxy J4+ and J6+ smartphones. Both are now available for purchase in India for $150 and $220, respectively, but they are likely to be launched in other Asian countries in the coming weeks. We have yet to confirm their availability in the United States and Europe, but we do know the Galaxy J4+ comes in Gold, Black, and Blue, while the Galaxy J6+ can be had in Black, Blue, and Red. These phones aren't a surprise at all since information about the Galaxy J4+ and J6+ kept surfacing online at a steady pace in the last few weeks. However, if you didn't follow our reports about these two budget-friendly handsets “created especially for young millennials,” here is a quick rundown of their specs. The Galaxy J6+ is Samsung first smartphone to feature a fingerprint sensor on the side. The handset is powered by a Snapdragon 450 processor, coupled with 4GB RAM and 64GB expandable storage. It also sports a large 6-inch HD+ Infinity display, a dual-rear camera (13MP+5MP), and a decent 3,300 mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy J4+ offers the same specs but includes only a single 13-megapixel camera, 2GB RAM and 32GB expandable storage. Also, it doesn't feature a fingerprint sensor like the Galaxy J6+. Samsung Galaxy J4+ and J6+
  2. Just in case Google-loving fashionistas didn’t have enough mediocre but stylish Apple Watch alternatives, yet another brand associated with “dumb” watches and swanky clothes is joining the (doomed) mission to prove Wear OS deserves to live on. If it feels like you’ve heard the Armani name before in a similar setting as today’s, that’s probably because of the Emporio Armani Connected collection. The new Armani Exchange Connected comes from the same Italian luxury fashion house, as well as the same Fossil Group licensee. The main differences between this gadget and other Fossil-made wearables like the Q Gen 4, Skagen Falster 2, and Diesel Full Guard 2.5 are of cosmetic nature, so if you dig the way the Armani Exchange Connected looks, you can buy it without fear of missing out on anything essential. The feature-packed new smartwatch comes with a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS technology for standalone location tracking, wrist payment-enabling NFC connectivity, and yes, even full-on swim protection. We’re talking a 3 ATM or 30-meter water resistance rating, which is pretty impressive, but oddly enough, Armani Exchange has yet to announce a comfier, sportier option of its first Connected timepiece with a touchscreen. In addition to being quite large, thanks to a 46 mm case, this thing can only be purchased in combination with metal bracelets at launch. Those four colors (gold, black, silver, and coal) are definitely handsome, but the material and build look far too elegant and cumbersome for casual exercising. Unsurprisingly, the Armani Exchange Connected packs an archaic Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor instead of the newly unveiled 3100, making humble promises as far as battery life is concerned, and starting at a largely predictable $295 price point.
  3. Show us your games, Tokyo! Tokyo Game Show 2018 is under way and, like all major video game conventions, the biggest upcoming games are out in full force. While Tokyo Game Show tends to have quite a healthy selection of mobile and indie titles, console blockbusters also receive a great deal of attention. This year we walked around the show floor, visiting booths and taking note of the biggest games being exhibited so we could give you an overview of the hot up-and-coming experiences that Japanese gamers are eager to play. While we made an effort to take pictures of every booth for the relevant games, in some cases photography was prohibited, so we've used recent screenshots for them as a substitute. Tokyo Game Show has already delivered some exciting news and trailers. Most notably, Capcom has released a new Devil May Cry 5 trailer and detailed the Deluxe Edition. A Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer focused on Claire also made its debut during the show. In the week leading up to the start of Tokyo Game Show, Sony held the PlayStation LineUp Tour and provided a fresh look at some brutal Sekiro: Shadow's Die Twice gameplay, played host to the announcement of a new Samurai Shodown, and revealed Judge Eyes, a new project from the team behind the Yakuza series. Coinciding with the start of Tokyo Game Show was also the announcement of the PlayStation Classic, a mini version of the original PlayStation that comes with 20 "generation-defining" games. The PlayStation Classic is set to launch in December. Without further ado, join us on an abridged look at the massive show floor at Tokyo Game Show 2018. Ace Combat 7 - PS4, Xbox One, PC The Ace Combat series has always deliver satisfying aerial dog fights, with players desperately chase after aircrafts at breakneck speeds, weaving in and out of incoming gunfire, and opportunistically launching missiles to swat their target out of the air. However, what really makes this series hit hard with fans is the melodrama and surprisingly human stories that are occasionally told in between the bombastic jet-on-jet showdowns. To ensure fans won't be disappointed, Ace Combat 7 returns to its roots and the "strangereal" universe of earlier entries in the series, which means there's more of an opportunity to get weird and cheesy with the story, which is exactly what everyone wants. For those who can stomach the speed and neck-breaking twists and turns, Ace Combat 7 will also have a PlayStation VR experience when it launches in January 2019. Catherine Full Body - PS4/Vita Catherine was a sleeper hit on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Atlus is giving it a second chance on both PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2019, despite the handheld ceasing production next year. There are some additions planned, including a new major character. At Tokyo Game Show, the Catherine Full Body booth stood out for its size, but also due it its unusually on-brand entryway. Days Gone - PS4 Days Gone will be one of the early 2019 PS4 exclusives when it releases next February, and though it didn't have a massive presence at Tokyo Game Show, the motorcycle at Sony's booth proved to be a popular attraction with attendees. Dead Or Alive 6 - PS4, Xbox One Dead or Alive 6 is the first mainline entry in the series in six years, and the first for the current console generation, running on a new engine that allows for visible damage on fighters. We got the chance to play a few rounds on the show floor and found the fighting to feel very familiar, but there are two new systems at play for veterans to explore when the game ships next year: Fatal Rush and Break Gauge. Fatal Rush is a mechanic that lets you initiate a series a heavy, slow attacks that deal a lot of damage. The first strike counts the most, but the wind up leaves the initiator vulnerable to incoming attacks. Your Break Gauge, once full, can be used to break free from holds and combos to interrupt your opponent's momentum and regain the upper-hand in a fight. There are 12 characters revealed from the roster thus far, but there is still a lot more to learn about this promising sequel, which is scheduled to release in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Death Stranding - PS4 Death Stranding has a presence at Tokyo Game Show, though more in spirit than anything else. Lead creator Hideo Kojima is scheduled to have a live chat on stage with several of the game's voice actors but attendees otherwise have the chance to warm up to a lifelike statue of actor Norman Reedus, decked out in his lookalike space/hazard suit, baby in a bottle and all. There's still no telling how Death Stranding will function as a game, but Kojima's track record is all most people need to be excited for what's to come--whenever and whatever that may be. Deracine - PSVR Nowadays From Software is mostly known for the Souls series of games, but if you look back in the studio's history you'll find an eclectic mix of games across a wide range of genres. While the upcoming Sekiro seems to follow in Souls' footsteps, Deracine is a PSVR game that veers in a very different direction. It's pitched as an adventure game set in a boarding school, and while the details therein remain a mystery, it's clear that the game is going for a foreboding and mysterious approach to its storytelling. Deracine is due to come out later this year, and is a PSVR exclusive. Devil May Cry 5 - PS4, Xbox One, PC Capcom has made a big deal about Devil May Cry being back in a big way for the fifth entry in the mainline series and, based on what's been shown so far, it seems like a return to the over the top, quintessentially Japanese take on action that fans have come to know and love. While Devil May Cry 4's Nero is technically in the lead protagonist role, the series' flamboyant favourite son Dante will also be returning for another outing. During Tokyo Game Show, Capcom released a trailer for Devil May Cry 5 showing him in action using the Cavaliere motorcycle weapon. The trailer also featured a nice nod to another iconic Capcom hero: Mega Man. Devil May Cry 5 launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019. Dragon Quest Builders 2 - PS4, Switch The original Dragon Quest Builders was something of a surprise when it released--most people expected it to be nothing more than a simple cash-in on Minecraft's success. It turned out that surface level comparison belied the game's distinct Dragon-Quest charm and true RPG-like qualities, and Builders ultimately earned a reputation all its own. A sequel is on the way later this year in Japan, with a little help from Koei Tecmo no less, but there's no telling at the moment when it will come to the West. Dragon Marked For Death - Switch Inti Creates is a Japanese studio that's all but dedicated to crafting 2D games that recreate the magic of mid- to late-'90s action games. Dragon Marked For Death stands out from the rest of the team's output (Mega Man Zero, Azure Striker Gunvolt) with its multiplayer structure. Players can team up in this side-scrolling RPG locally or online, and pick from four classes to diversify their squad. The grand mission at hand is yet unclear, but based on Inti Creates track record, we're optimistic that the gameplay and art are reason enough to keep an eye out as its December 2018 release date draws near. Everybody's Golf VR - PSVR Sony's long-running Golf series is headed to PSVR, and while the game will continue the tradition of offering welcoming and charming golf courses, the shift to VR means that players can now simulate swinging their clubs using either a Move or DualShock 4 controller. Everybody's Golf VR is currently scheduled to release in 2019. Fortnite It will come as no surprise to you that Epic's quirky battle royale title is also a pretty big deal in Japan. While perhaps not the cultural phenomenon that it is in the western world, Fortnite maintains a healthy presence, in thanks due to its availability on so many platforms and the fact that it offers players small, achievable tasks on a regular basis. If you haven't been keeping up with it, Fortnite Season 5 is set to official wrap up on September 25, but Season 6 is on the horizon. A mysterious cube has shown in the game world and submerged itself in the water, completely changing the area around it. What this will mean for the game and the new seasons remains to be seen, but we don't have long to wait for those answers as Season 6 is scheduled to begin shortly after Season 5 ends. Ghost of Tsushima - PS4 One of the most exciting upcoming PlayStation 4, Ghost of Tsushima exclusives is actually set in Japan. Specifically, it's set in Tsushima, an island that was invaded by Mongols in the 13th century. Having faced the ruthless Mongols and watched the population get captured and subjugated, the samurai are forced to evolve and adapt Ninja-like tactics. Developer Sucker Punch strives to balance realism with its own dramatic fictionalization of Japanese history. It does not have a confirmed release date yet. Judge Eyes - PS4 It should come as no surprise that the developers behind the Yakuza series, in which you play as a gangster embroiled in the politics and scheming of the Japanese mafia but also spend time managing cabaret clubs and do menial tasks for random members of the public, is weird. On its surface, Judge Eyes seems like a more serious project from the developers. You play as a lawyer and investigate murders, but also use drones to find out if husbands are cheating on wives and drop kick hoodlums in the street, for some reason. At this point, the Yakuza team has turned taking baffling scenarios and making them compelling into a fine art, so expectations for Judge Eyes are high. The game is set to launch for PS4 in Japan in 2018. A western release will follow in 2019. Kingdom Hearts 3 - PS4, Xbox One After an excruciatingly long wait, the Kingdom Hearts saga is set to come to a close, at least when it comes to Sora's journey anyway. From what we can tell, developer Square Enix is looking to go out with a bang and has managed to get some of the most popular recent Disney properties into the game. For Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix showed off more of San Fransokyo, the city from Big Hero 6. Players will be able to travel to the futuristic city and meet up with Baymax and Hiro to adventure together. Sora's journey will also take him to a Toy Story and Frozen world, among others. The Kingdom Hearts 3 cover art, which is designed by Tetsuya Nomura, also made its debut around TGS. Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release on January 29, 2019 on Xbox One and PS4. Mega Man 11 - PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC It remains to be seen if Capcom will heed the cries of Mega Man fans everywhere and restore the stalled mid-air transition that happens when entering boss battles in classic Mega Man games, but that nitpick aside, Mega Man 11 is nonetheless one to look forward to if you long for classic side-scrolling action. It's been eight years since the last mainline Mega Man game, and in that time we saw the spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 ride the wave of nostalgia before crashing on a beach of disappointment. Hopefully Mega Man 11 will prove that there's still life left in the classic formula when it releases next month. Ninjala - Switch Ninjala projects the same candy-coated attitude of Splatoon, but its PvP battles are designed around a very different set of mechanics and rules that distinguish it from Nintendo's light-hearted shooter. Rather than pit players against each other with ranged weapons, every combatant blows bubblegum bubbles to generate melee weapons of relative strength: the bigger the bubble, the stronger (and slower) the weapon. There's an inherent risk to the process as well--you will get trapped by your gum should another player knock you out of commission. It's too early to tell if Ninjala's mix of presentation and game design will rise meet the expectations from its perceived visual mimicry of Splatoon, but based on the extravagant booth at TGS 2018, it's clear that publisher Gung-Ho is betting big on its flagship 2019 Switch release. Persona Q2: Full Cinema Labyrinth - 3DS Persona Q2 is an upcoming 3DS dungeon-crawler from Atlus that combines characters from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5. The Tokyo Game Show booth was a surprisingly accurate recreation of the counter from Persona 5's in-game cafe, offering a familiar and fitting setting to demo the upcoming game. Western Persona fans are anxiously awaiting an announcement of a Western release, but Persona Q2 will release in Japan this coming November. Resident Evil 2 Remake - PS4, Xbox One, PC Capcom's overhaul of the beloved Resident Evil 2 is a major star at TGS, both for having a killer booth and for offering a great demo, pitting players against the ghastly mutated form of poor William Birkin. Resident Evil 2 Remake comes out early next year, but we've got plenty of new coverage on the way in early October. Stay tuned! Tetris Effect - PS4/PSVR Tetsuya Mizuguchi is a game developer with a penchant for mixing music and digital dreamscapes, as seen in his work on games like Rez and Child of Eden. His relatively young production house, Enhance, Inc., is hard at work on Tetris Effect in an effort to bring these qualities to the tried and true Tetris formula in VR. The PlayStation 4 exclusive is scheduled to come out this coming November. Warriors Orochi 4 - PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Don't be fooled by the photo above; Orochi Musou 3 is technically Warriors Orochi 4 in the West. It had a major presence at TGS 2018 at the Koei Tecmo booth, and with a cast of over 170 playable characters, it wasn't hard for the publisher to fill out its floor space with dozens of unique faces, all ready for battle. The Orochi series takes place in an alternate dimension where Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors characters fight side by side at the behest of the one, the only, Zeus, the Greek god of thunder. Warriors Orochi 4 releases soon in Japan (September 27) and will arrive in other territories this October.
  4. Apple has its AirPods, Google has the Pixel Buds, and Huawei will soon have the FreeBuds 2 Pro. But from the looks of things, these companies may soon face some extra competition in the form of Samsung. The South Korean giant already offers the Gear Icon X (2018) but these were launched over a year ago in August of 2017 and failed to capture the attention of consumers despite positive reviews. As revealed by a new trademark, though, it seems Samsung has a successor in the works under the new name of “Samsung Buds.” At this point in time, this is still all guesswork as Samsung is yet to announce anything official. However, the rebranding does fall in line with Samsung’s recent moves. After all, last month it scrapped the Gear S name entirely and replaced it with Galaxy Watch. Separately, it’s worth pointing out that the move coincides with previous reports which claimed Samsung would slowly phase out the Gear branding entirely over the course of the next year or so – the Gear VR headset is set to be renamed Galaxy VR when the next iteration arrives. Ultimately, it’s unclear what kind of upgrade the new Samsung Buds will represent – they could either be an iterative update or they could potentially represent a drastic change. Following the rather positive reception of last year’s earbuds, though, Samsung is expected to produce a rather impressive offering. Presently, it’s unclear when the Samsung Buds will go official, but considering the timing of the trademark, a debut sometime in early 2019 is likely, possibly alongside the upcoming Galaxy S10 trio in February.
  5. The last episode of New Releases for September has a lot of variety. Sequels like Life Is Strange 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 4 are here to take series fans on new adventures, and sports junkies can get their fix with FIFA 19. Meanwhile, Nintendo lovers can get their hands on the new mobile RPG Dragalia Lost and the Nintendo Switch port of Moonlighter. Valkyria Chronicles 4 -- September 25 Available on: PS4, Xbox One, Switch The latest entry in the strategy-action series stars a new squad of soldiers fighting in the Second European War. New to this game are the Grenadier class, which can fire mortar rounds, and the Brave system, which can help save a downed soldier by giving them one last chance to move and attack. Moonlighter -- September 25 Available on: Switch It's already out on a few platforms, but now Moonlighter is opening shop on Nintendo Switch. As a shopkeeper, you can set your own prices, invest back in the community, and earn yourself nice gear. You'll need good weapons and armor too, since you'll acquire your wares by venturing through randomly generated dungeons to find loot. Dragalia Lost -- September 27 Available on: iOS, Android Nintendo fans can also jump into the company's first original mobile game, the free-to-play RPG Dragalia Lost, this week. It looks to be a great jumping-on point for those who've never played an RPG before, featuring melee attacks and spells at varying power levels. Also you can transform into a dragon. Life Is Strange 2 - Episode 1 -- September 27 Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC Life Is Strange 2 stars brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, on the run after witnessing what seems to be the supernatural death of a cop. On their journey home to Puerto Lobos, Mexico, you'll have to make choices that greatly affect the outcome of the game. Previous actions from prequel The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will have consequences here too. FIFA 19 -- September 28 Available on: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Switch This year's FIFA outing brings three big gameplay changes to the field: new controls for better contact on shots, a 50/50 system for determining battles over the ball, and the ability to switch up strategies mid-game. It's also the first in series history to feature the Europa League. That's gonna wrap up New Releases for the month, but October has a ton of games in store too--Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Mega Man 11, just to name a few. We'll start digging into those next time.
  6. Devil May Cry 5 isn't due until next year, but you can already start to make sure that your PC is up to snuff to handle the fierce action game. Product listings for the game have gone up across various digital storefronts, and the Steam listing shows off the minimum and recommended system specs. These aren't officially from Capcom, but the specificity suggests they're the real deal. The same batch of product listings also appeared to have revealed a multiplayer co-op play for 2-3 players. All three digital storefronts--including Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation--all showed variations on that same information. Capcom, for its part, told GameSpot that it is focused on delivering single-player and that it has not announced any multiplayer features. Meanwhile, our hands-on time at TGS left us with some concerns about this latest Devil May Cry. Chief among them was discovering microtransactions, including the ability to upgrade your characters with real money. That will raise questions about elements like character progression, so it will have to proceed with caution. We won't know if the microtransactions impact the game itself until it releases March 8, 2019. Devil May Cry 5 is Capcom's chance to get the series back on-track after 2013's DmC: Devil May Cry was divisive among fans. This one is pointedly a direct sequel to 2008's Devil May Cry 4, a clear signal that we should just ignore that other one. System Requirements Minimum: OS: WINDOWS 7 (64-BIT Required) Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 3.4GHz or better Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX760 or better DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 35 GB available space Additional Notes: *Controllers recommended *Internet connection required for game activation. Recommended: OS: WINDOWS 7 (64-BIT Required) Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 3.4GHz or better Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX960 or better DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 35 GB available space Additional Notes: *Controllers recommended *Internet connection required for game activation.
  7. In December 2017, Telltale Games CEO Pete Hawley said he believed the company was in "really good shape," rejecting the idea that the company was "in trouble." He also said he was eager to announce new things for 2019 including original IP and "new gameplay." Less than a year after making those statements, all of that it is now in question, it seems, as Telltale Games recently announced a "majority studio closure." A December 2017 interview that Hawley, a former Zynga executive, gave to GamesBeat now reads in a different way in the wake of the sad and shocking news about Telltale Here's what Hawley had to say about Telltale's 2019 plans in that older interview: "Getting into 2019 we'll have some new IP to talk about, some original IP, and new gameplay too. The next couple of years, we'll be locking in the road map soon and we're really excited about it. Just took a couple of months to dig into the business and fix a few problems based on the last five years, but I think we're in really good shape." Hawley joined Telltale as its new CEO in September 2017. He came to Telltale from Zynga, where he was senior vice president and general manager since 2014. Before that, he worked at Lionhead on the Fable franchise with Peter Molyneux; he also worked at Sony and EA. One of the first major decisions Hawley over at Telltale was a staff reduction. In November 2017, Telltale cut 25 percent of its workforce, which at the time was around 90 people. In the December 2017 interview, Hawley said the move was necessary to help prepare Telltale for the future. "People may be looking at us and thinking we're in trouble, but in the end, we're looking to the future," he said at the time. "We're super excited. I just think we had to take this time and opportunity to pause the production line, take some time out, re-establish who we are and what we're great at, and take some more time and investment to get back to our best. I've spent some time collecting some pretty negative inbound, so I wanted an opportunity to talk about the position we're in and how good we feel about the future." Telltale has not completely closed down, as a group of around 25 people are staying on for the foreseeable future. However, the studio's other 225 people are out of work. On Monday, September 24, former employees will be allowed back into the building to collect their things. Hawley said Telltale will be making further announcements about the future of the company, including updates on its in-development games, in the coming weeks. Given the significant staffing reduction, it seems extremely unlikely that all of the projects will come out. As for why Telltale is scaling back, Hawley said the studio's games failed to find a big enough audience.
  8. A months-old job advertisement at Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries basically confirms something that is already very obvious: Halo Infinite will have microtransactions in some form. 343 has shared no official information about how Halo Infinite will make use of microtransactions, so it's understandable that fans are envisioning a worst-case scenario. 343 still isn't saying anything about how Halo Infinite will use microtransactions, but the studio is now again telling fans not to worry. "I know there's very little real info to go on thus far, but I wouldn't worry over a job description," 343 community manager Brian Jarrad said on Twitter. He addded that the specific wording in the job ad for an Online Experience Design Director is "all pretty standard stuff" in the gaming business. "[It] doesn't mean it'll result in something bad," Jarrard explained. Indeed, microtransactions are commonplace in video games at Microsoft and basically every other big publisher. It is more notable when a game does not use microtransactions. Halo 5: Guardians had a "Req" system for its microtransactions, and they proved to be very lucrative. So it was no surprise at all when the job ad from June mentioned that Halo Infinite will have a microtransaction system in some form. The job post from June 14 remains open on the Microsoft Careers page, so it seems it has not yet been filled. The language in the job post is leading some Halo fans to worry about Halo Infinite's use of microtransactions. The job ad states that the successful candidate will oversee numerous aspects of the connected, online experience including microtransactions and other systems that "encourage players to return again and again with their friends." This person will "design and deliver a AAA player investment experience that focuses on our fans and their desire to express their passion for our franchise (including but not limited to microtransactions)," reads a line from the job ad. It also states that a successful candidate should have a "comprehensive understanding of player psychology and what drives them to return to an experience." Until 343 shares more details on how Halo Infinite will use microtransactions, fans will continue to assume the worst. Even if those systems are still being decided, as Halo FPS boss Chris Lee has said, a statement from 343 would go a long way helping fans feel better. It is likely that 343 does not yet know how it will implement microtransactions in Halo Infinite. The game will be playable ahead of launch through a "flighting" testing program, so that's good news as players will be able to give feedback directly to 343. Whether or not microtransactions are part of the flighting program remains to be seen, however. What we do know about Halo Infinite's microtransactions is that they will not feature paid-for loot boxes. Halo Infinite is currently in development for Xbox One and PC. No release date has been set.
  9. On Friday, Telltale Games made the shocking and sad announcement that it was enacting a "majority studio closure," resulting in the loss of more than 200 jobs. According to developers who were there, as part of the shutdown, Telltale Games employees were told to leave the building within 30 minutes after the news was announced. One of developers who lost their job, narrative designer Emily Grace Buck, shared a new update on the situation today. On Monday, September 24, all the former employees will get to come back to the studio for a period of three hours to collect any belongings they were not able to on Friday. "Despite my tweets, it hasn't really hit me yet. But I know tomorrow will," Grace Buck wrote about coming back to the studio on Monday. As part of the studio shutdown, Telltale parted ways with 225 employees, with its remaining 25 staying on as a "skeleton crew." According to CEO Pete Hawley, it was an "incredibly difficult year" for Telltale. While the company was proud of its releases, the games did not sell well enough, Hawley said. In the wake of the shutdown, many are wondering what's going to happen with future instalments in the numerous Telltale franchises, including The Walking Dead. The final season's next episode is due out on Tuesday, but it remains to be seen if the franchise will continue after that. It is also believed that Telltale's new game based on Stranger Things has been canceled. Officially, Telltale said it will announce specific details on its upcoming roadmap in the "coming weeks." According to reports, Telltale's first The Walking Dead and its Minecraft game were financially successful, but every other release reportedly lost money. The Batman game, Enemy Within, was reportedly one of Telltale's worst performing games ever. Telltale co-founder and former CEO Kevin Bruner said in a blog post that the reason he left Telltale was because he clashed with the Board of Directors about Telltale's future. He did not share any more details. Telltale had been facing tough times before the closure. In November 2017, Telltale laid off 25% of its workforce, which then amounted to 90 people. The company also operates a publishing label that is behind October's Stranded Deep from two-person Australian studio Beam Team Games. After Telltale's closure was announced, Beam Team said it planned to do everything it could to launch Stranded Deep on PS4 and Xbox One on schedule in October. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.
  10. 'Think: A Tribute To The Queen of Soul' will take place in Detroit until early next year An exhibit celebrating Aretha Franklin‘s legacy will open in her hometown of Detroit this week. The soul icon died last month at 76 following a battle with pancreatic cancer. Her funeral took place on August 31 at the city’s Greater Grace Temple. Now, it has been announced that an estate-approved exhibit will be held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit. According to the Detroit Free Press, the collection will feature photos and video displays which span Franklin’s career. A vinyl copy of the singer’s first-ever recording – 1956’s ‘Never Grow Old’ – will also be included. “This is an opportunity for people to come back and engage, reminisce and reflect,” Wright museum board member Kelly Major Green told the publication. Franklin’s family gave direction for the display, with Green saying it was arranged to feel “like walking into a living room”. Beginning on Tuesday (September 25), ‘Think: A Tribute To The Queen of Soul’ will run until January 21. It’s said that a long-term exhibit will follow, which could open by 2020. “It’s the beginning of a much longer expression of who Aretha is,” Green said of ‘Think’. Meanwhile, an all-star Aretha Franklin tribute concert is being planned. Reportedly titled Clive Davis Presents: A Tribute to Aretha Franklin, the show is set to take place in the New York on November 14. Earlier this month, the icon’s family spoke out about comments made during the singer’s eulogy, calling them “offensive and distasteful”. Franklin’s funeral was live-streamed online, with select parts broadcast on TV in the US. It featured performances and tributes from Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Chaka Khan, Jennifer Hudson, Gladys Knight, and more.
  11. Could be an interesting night at the boozer... Gary Barlow has challenged Liam Gallagher to a drink-off, while claiming that he’s the only “fun” member of Take That. The boyband are set to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2019, with a run of huge UK stadium and arena gigs. The tour will see them play six nights at London’s O2 Arena in May. Now, Barlow has spoken of his touring party lifestyle – and has suggested that Liam Gallagher could learn from a trip down the pub with the pop star. “I would like a drink with Liam for sure – show him a thing or two,” Barlow told The Mirror. “But I’m the only one who is any fun,” he added. “Stick with me. I am the last one standing.” Bandmate Howard Donald backed up Barlow’s bold claims, adding: “He had 17 glasses of wine in one night.” In 2016, Gallagher took aim at the Take That member as he criticised his brother Noel’s fashion sense. Calling the High Flying Birds man “a potato”, he added that he “dresses like Gary Barlow”. Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has said that “beige boy” Noel is “begging” to play at next year’s Glastonbury festival. He added that Noel “doesn’t want to be going on before or after me as I’ll embarrass him”. Earlier this week, Noel expressed his desire to perform at Worthy Farm in 2019. “I would absolutely love to play Glastonbury next year,” he told The Mirror Online. “I love that festival but I’ll probably be fourth on the bill.” Liam hinted that he will be at Glasto after performing at Pilton Party last month.
  12. "Mac Miller, we fucking love you" Travis Scott has saluted the memory of late friend Mac Miller, after his death was confirmed earlier this month. The ‘Swimming’ star, 26, was found dead at his San Fernando Valley home on September 7. It is believed that he died from an apparent overdose. Last night, close friend Travis Scott paid tribute to close friend Miller during a concert in Las Vegas. He rapped during a freestyle between tracks: “Malcolm that’s my boy/Mac Miller I love you, always be my boy. “Mac Miller we fucking love you, you the fucking one.” As well as the tributes to Miller from some of rap’s leading lights, his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande recently hailed the rapper as her “dearest friend”. Grande, who dated the star for two years until their split in May, wrote on Instagram: “I adored you from the day I met you when I was nineteen and I always will. “I can’t believe you aren’t here anymore. I really can’t wrap my head around it. we talked about this. so many times. I’m so mad, I’m so sad I don’t know what to do. “You were my dearest friend. for so long. above anything else. I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix or take your pain away. I really wanted to. the kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. I hope you’re okay now. rest.” Kendrick Lamar called him a “great musician [and] great writer.” Childish Gambino also dedicated a song to Miller during a recent performance,
  13. Haines on the band's DIY spirit, new album 'Art Of Doubt', and touring with Smashing Pumpkins Metric singer Emily Haines has spoken of how their new album ‘Art Of Doubt’ “100% reflects the political mess” the world is in, and focusses us people’s “flaws and owning the humanity of your existence”. Released last week, ‘Art Of Doubt’ is the Canadian indie veterans’ seventh studio album – the first since 2015’s ‘Pagans In Vegas’, with the band returning to a more guitar-driven sound. While Metric have never been ones to shy away from having politics enter their music, they say that this record is more political than predecessors, but is a ‘true reflection of our time’. “I think it’s incredible that there’s been this surge of awareness around sexism, sexual assault and abuse, but for anyone who’s been alive and working as a woman ever, this is not a new thing,” Haines told NME. “One line that has stuck with me from the new record is ‘I change by staying the same’. Blur said it well too with ‘Fall into fashion, fall out again’. What are your values as a person? You either have them or you don’t.” Haines continued: “If you stay with them then all of these things are going to move around you but there’s a through-line of your life. The phrase ‘change the world’ creeps me out a little in 2018. “I’m not doing that, all I’m doing is try to contribute something and have an actual identity with pure dedication and a fair amount of sacrifice. It’s really not that high-brow.” How representative would you say that the singles that we’ve heard are of the album? “It’s a pretty good sample, because ‘Dark Saturday’ was a little nod to everyone with broken hearts over the lack of guitars on [previous album] ‘Pagans In Vegas’. That was an example of just pure fun. Not only are there guitars, but it’s nasty and rude. You hear the amp, you hear the noise, and it’s not a slick, electronic reality. ‘Dressed To Suppress’ has some of the arena concert vibes that we always have, plus ‘Now Or Never Now’ in many ways is like a classic Metric jam – whatever that means. This record was about rediscovering what the essence of the band is. We like to take risks, but when we’re live on stage there’s something that’s undeniably us. We have put out any of the ballads yet, but I’m on there you can trust that there’s gonna be some heartbreakers – always.” What is it about the character and spirit of ‘Art Of Doubt’ that sets it apart? “I guess lyrically it’s a lot more observational. I stumble on this question because we work very nose to the grindstone, then we’re kind of discovering the record with everyone else. The through-lines present themselves in real time, but calling it ‘Art of Doubt’ is about owning your flaws and owning the humanity of your existence. That’s where all the good stuff happens. The glossed-over, perfected, photoshopped version of reality that we’ve all fallen for is fine, but it’s a bit boring. All the interesting things about people, art and conversation comes from people revealing their flaws. It’s about going to war with your insecurities and seeing if you can overcome them. “I love Justin’s album cover. That shape is so unsatisfying. It’s like ‘Fix it!’ I find it so satisfying. We’re just crammed in the corner with this all-consuming, deeply-flawed shape. Then we ended up following that gesture. Stay with the thing that you doubt because it probably has something real in it.” How much did the band absorb the horrible political mess of recent years, and how much can it be felt on the record? “Well, the way that I dealt with this enormous cliff that we seem to be falling off like Lemmings in slow motion was to completely immerse myself in work since the summer of 2016. I did some work with Broken Social Scene, I produced this band called Beaches with Jimmy, then I made and toured a solo album before working on the Metric record. The world that we live in is 100% represented on the record, but not more so than on any other record. There’s no preaching or answers on a Metric record, but I’m deeply engaged in busting myself over my own bullshit while grappling with the real world without living within a protective bubble. Having your head in the sand is not really an option in 2018.” Your fans are very tribal. What do you think a Metric fan is and what to they expect? “Yeah, well I meet people all the time so I get a picture. It’s quite a point of pride because our shows are just full of interesting people. For the people who have found us and get it, it’s a really deep connection. We don’t fit and we’ve never wanted to. Even in the beginning, we were literally living in a garage in New York. Sam [Fogarino, drummer] from Interpol was our friend from the vintage clothing store, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars and TV On The Radio all lived in the loft. We were the only ones of have synths. It’s hard to believe that in the world on synthesizers, but that was a big deal then. You couldn’t be rock n’ roll and have a synth, and we were like ‘Yes we can!’ We were contemporaries with those bands and our live shows were punk shows. It was never ‘correct’. It was never ‘the thing’. The bands who discover us even now, they get that. We’re not being contrary, we’re just being loyal to the authenticity of what we create. We’re not really willing to let anyone interfere with that and there have been costs and consequences as a result, but it feels so good. When you get up on stage and see the people who understand the point. It’s pretty profound. I can’t believe we’re on our seventh record.” That’s ‘institution level’. That’s approaching ‘Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame’ shit. “I know, right? I just want that endorsement so bad! If you saw the organisation that’s running this thing, there’s just four of us. You’re right. We’re a tribe, but an inclusive one.” Without ever being ‘preachy’, do you feel as if people expect Metric to have ‘a message’? “It’s all one thing. There is no separation between me and the statement. I am the statement, at this point. Every action and everything I’ve dedicated my adult life to is towards that. I do reference and highlight things, but to do more than that is redundant. If it’s not obvious, then that’s not my problem.” If you’re running your own DIY operation, how much does it play on your mind about reaching a wider audience and the Metric tribe growing? “I know more about the industry than I’d like to, but there was really no choice. The fact that we are able not only to survive personally but support out 10 person road crew and have our own little road crew. We’re not skimping on anything. We continue to reach people because we continue to invest and believe in the value of music, even though the day we released ‘Pagans’ was the day that Apple turned to streaming and decided not to pay anyone royalties. “I didn’t think we were going to recover from that one, that was really scary. But we did and now we have a great relationship with those guys as we figure out how to adapt and exist. Despite headlining arenas in Canada with Death Cab For Cutie opening for us, we’re absolutely open to the idea of opening for Smashing Pumpkins across the US. That’s not something that a lot of bands would be able to stomach when seven albums and 20 years into your career, but the attitude we have is to grow and have new people discover us. It’s in direct proportion to us being free of ego while having complete confidence in our work. “It’s cool to get that call. We knew we were up for that tour and then Billy Corgan heard the album and offered us the entire tour. It was incredibly perfect timing for us to get out there and play all the new songs. That’s all attitude on our part. We saw it as an opportunity, rather than focus on ‘the injustice of success’ or some shit. The kind of success that we have can’t be bought. We’ll continue to put ourselves in that position.” Metric’s new album ‘Art Of Doubt’ is out now. The band’s upcoming tour dates are below. NOVEMBER Saturday 17 – BIRMINGHAM, O2 Institute 2 Sunday 18 – GLASGOW, Queen Margaret Union Monday 19 – MANCHESTER, O2 Ritz Tuesday 20 – LONDON, O2 Kentish Town Forum
  14. "How *absolutely* pathetic. Halsey has described Machine Gun Kelly as “pathetic” after her apparent relationship with the rapper was dissed by Eminem and G-Eazy. The singer’s relationships were referenced by both stars, as they continue to feud with Kelly. On diss track ‘Killshot’, Eminem claims that Kelly is “salty” because of G-Eazy’s on-off relationship with Halsey. G-Eazy, meanwhile, says that Kelly would be “mad”, because he collaborated with Halsey on ‘Him and I’. Now, she’s responded for the first time, describing Kelly as “pathetic”. “how *absolutely* pathetic”, she wrote on Twitter. The damning verdict came after Kelly claimed that he had “smashed” the singer – after the pair reportedly dated in 2017. “Did you really smash [G-Eazy’s] girl?”, Charlamagne tha God asked in recent US radio interview. “Yes! Many of them,” Kelly responded. “Did you smash Halsey?” said Charlamagne. “Absolutely”, Kelly said. But he also insisted that it was “whack” that she had been dragged into the feuds. It comes after Kelly was dragged into a feud with Eminem after he was dissed on surprise album ‘Kamikaze’. It marked the beginning of a back-and-forth between the pair. Meanwhile, the feud between G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly was sparked as the two continue to spat over social media and song thanks to their shared interest in Halsey. Recently on ‘Bad Boy’, G-Eazy rapped “MGK please stop trolling me, get over me / You wanna be me…Call a Uber, turn on the radio, imagine hearing me / ‘Him & I’s” on, mad you’re listening to Halsey sing to me…”
  15. “Puff said it’s in his hands". P.Diddy has reportedly responded after Eminem claimed that he was responsible for ordering Tupac’s death – before later claiming it was a joke. Last week, the ongoing feud between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem saw the hip-hop titan releasing “Kill Shot”, his latest diss track against Kelly. But as he dissed Kelly, he also seemingly hinted that Diddy was responsible for ordering Tupac’s death in 1996. “Killshot, I will not fail, I’m with the Doc still/But this idiot’s boss pops pills and tells him he’s got skills/But, Kells, the day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits/That he put the hit out that got Pac killed,” Eminem raps on the track. Although the track sees Eminem later admit that he is just “playin”, it provoked immediate fury from some of hip-hop’s leading figures. Jay Electronica led the backlash against Eminem, urging him to “tread carefully”. ““How dare you accuse Diddy of killing Tupac”, He said. Now, Joe Budden claims that Diddy is aware of the reference – and he’s planning to respond. “Nothing to speculate about. Nothing to talk about,” Budden admitted on a recent episode of the Joe Budden podcast. “Puff said it’s in his hands and he said I can tell ya. That’s the end of that. He said, ‘Yeah, there’s nothing to say about it. It’s in my hands.’ He’s wild. Period.” Budden himself was dissed by Eminem on ‘Kamikaze’, after he previously slammed his track ‘Untouchable’ as “trash” and “once of the worst songs he’s ever heard”. Although he later attempted to respond with his own diss track, he was widely mocked by 50 Cent.