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Aither News


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Lets start having fun again. The SLOGAN contest

To make up for the damped mood this has brought to some we will forget that shit now and hand out some prices.


Objective: Make a slogan for Aither tracker. I've been calling it "the friendly tracker" so that is taken even though i don't participate.

The prices are:

1st place - You get to choose a steam game from a pot. + 10,000 BON + 5 Invites + 3 FL Tokens
2nd price - You will win a random steam game 5000 BON + 3 invites + 2 FL Tokens
3rd price - 3000 BON + 2 Invites + 1 FL Token

Everyone can participate. Contest ends next Friday 19 June (we reserve the right to prolong the game if too few competes)

So Everyone, give us your best Aither slogan. Post it here...

Good luck

Dearest regards...

Check the forum and post there: the thread will be in contests...-


Final word on the little worm who grew up to be an anaconda.

Hi again. just to clarify..

In the "short description" field add one or several of the following when needed:

- Graphic violence
- Full frontal nudity
- Graphic sex scenes
- Graphic sex scenes with real sex
- Excessive drug use
- Implemented real pics/vids of real dead humans

These will do. you can phrase it in your own way but keep it short and don't use unnecessarily. For ex super troopers or beerfest where weed and alcohol is excessive DONT post any warning. As long as its weed or alcohol, no warning is needed.

And to everyone... Relax, this is just to help others since it seems some are sensitive to these materials. And as we want to respect everyone's opinion, we do it like this.. but in heavy moderation and cool style. This ain´t a tracker for monks and nuns.. and if you read any of the following warnings do not scroll down to check the screenshots and then complain.

This tracker is meant to be fun and relaxed, and this issue has been blown to an unnecessary level. Therefor we hearby beg uppers to take the time when really EXCESSIVE torrent are upped, and that the sensitive people take some own responsibility to check what they are going to download and watch.

- We will NOT enforce missed warnings in short descriptions
- We will NOT demote uppers for putting tricky torrents in wrong category
- And i hope no-one flames our uppers or staff about issues, if you see a real porn in music category, just click report and then forget about it.

So to everyone... keep cool and have FUN. from now on the subject is closed, and all our uppers and users... enjoy yourself, don't overreact

Dearest regards...

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