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Google Translation:

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, this site will initiate some activities and other notifications

1. Access to invitation lowered to Power User:
Start 2020/06/24 18:00
End 2020/06/27 18:00

2. Free Leech:
Start 2020/06/25 18:00
End 2020/06/27 18:00

3. Newcomer assessment requirment revised (commence on 2020/07/01 00:00):
Original Revised
Upload:120 GB Upload:120 GB
Download:150 GB Download:120 GB
Bonus points:10000 Bonus points:7500

4. Donation:
It cost 15K+ to maintain this tracker within the fisrt half of 2020. Moreover, the staff leader caught a severe sickness recently. Our budget is tight.
Please consider to make a donation. We have various new reward program. Please visit: Donate

5. Account security:
Please use compricated combination for password, enable the two step verification and alter your password from time to time.

6. Concerning【torrent preservation zone】与【dead torrents zone】:
When an official torrent has seeder ≤2, it will appear in torrent preservation zone and Free until seeder >3.
When an official torrent has seeder =0, it will appear in dead torrents zone and 2xFree until seeder >1.
Such process is handled by system automatically.

1. Please plan your timing during freeleech period, if you are taking newcomer assessment.
2. Account will be banned if a duplicate is found.
3. Newcomers pls read Rules and FAQ, account will be banned with sharing ratio <0.3
4. This Dragon Boat Festival is still in the epidemic period, please pay attention to protection, we wish you a happy holiday!

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