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Netflix's Sandman Will Begin Filming In October

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Netflix's upcoming The Sandman TV show will begin filming in October. Neil Gaiman's best-selling comic series ran for 75 issues from 1989 to 1996, following the adventures of Morpheus, or Dream, the Lord of the Dream World. Netflix's upcoming adaptation will have a modern approach and will center around Morpheus after being imprisoned for seventy years as he sets out to restore order to his fallen kingdom and return to his realm. Gaiman, who is also co-creating the series, previously revealed during his [email protected] panel that filming would have started already, but the coronavirus pandemic brought production to a halt. He stated that the goal was to start filming in the fall, and now that plan is looking solid.

In a tweet, Gaiman confirmed that filming for The Sandman will begin in three weeks, putting the production start-time in October. Gaiman also included a photo of the first episode's script. His original tweet can be read below:


The comic series was recently given an audible drama that told stories from the first twenty issues of the series, with James McAvoy voicing the title role, along with an all-star cast. Gaiman called the audio adaptation a faithful iteration of his story, which contrasts from previous attempts at live-action Sandman adaptations, all of which failed due to creative differences and were abandoned.

While writers and directors attached to previous attempts at live-action adaptations failed to honor the original source material, Netflix's upcoming Sandman adaptation sounds like it is will capture Gaiman's work the right way. Now that production is moving forward in the fall, hopefully fans will soon find out more about the series and see how it will look with the 2020 perspective.

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