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  1. Tracker Name: TorrentKings Genre: General Sign Up Link: TorrentKings :: Signup TORRENTKINGS.XYZ Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: TorrentKings is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
  2. @Gamer If you have a large HDD and quite good internet speed then it's ok. If that's not the case then it will be difficult for you to survive there. N.B. There is newbie assessment like other Chinese trackers.
  3. @lzipieksjqykbskk If you don't want to seed for long time then i guess TD is best for you. IPT & TD are sister sites.
  4. Cloudflare has asked a California court to sanction three online models and their counsel over unsubstantiated and frivolous claims regarding its Argo Tunnel service, that supposedly helped pirates. The models, meanwhile, are striking back, arguing that Cloudflare should be sanctioned itself. cloudflareEarlier this year Texas-based model Deniece Waidhofer sued Thothub for copyright infringement after the site’s users posted many of her ‘exclusive’ photos. While Cloudflare isn’t new to copyright infringement allegations, this case has proven to be more than a nuisance. The company pre
  5. Freeleech ON MDAN Fansub - 16 years! All torrents in safe-ratio MDAN Anniversary Safe-Ratio (16 years old) added by Y**** Until 10-01-2021 (09:41:12 to go) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MDAN Fansub - 16 years old! https://i.imgur.com/F2HedYV.jpg 16 years of MDAN Fansub this 09/01/2021! Now we can vote! Thanks to everyone who accompanies and supports us, since our first official launch back on 01/09/2005. The last year was the first without launches, but we continue with the work and the intention
  6. We need donations to keep running! Our Sysop, ***, has been covering the cost of the site for a few years now and it has come to the point that we either have to help him out by donating or the site will be shut down. Simple as that. Contact him directly to donate!!! He handles them and will have an answer for you. Thanks!!!
  7. Tracker Name: Twilight Scene Genre: e-Learning Sign Up Link: Twilight Scene WWW.TWILIGHT-SCENE.COM Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Fresh New E-Learning Tracker.
  8. In 2019, cheat creator Global++ was sued by Pokémon Go developer Niantic for infringing its intellectual property rights and spoiling the gaming experience for legitimate players. The parties have now agreed to settle the case for a cool $5,000,000, with the former admitting several types of copyright infringement and computer abuse violations. Pokemon GoProviding tools and services enabling players to cheat in video games is big business but after years of relative freedom, cheat facilitators are increasingly being targeted by developers for undermining gaming experiences and business mo
  9. Twitter has suspended the account of Sci-Hub, a site that offers a free gateway to paywalled research. The site is accused of violating the counterfeit policy of the social media platform. However, founder Alexandra Elbakyan believes that this is an effort to silence the growing support amidst a high profile court case in India. Sci-HubBy offering free access to millions of ‘paywalled’ research papers, Sci-Hub is often described as “The Pirate Bay of Science”. The site is used by researchers from all over the world, to access papers they otherwise have a hard time accessing. Aca
  10. Long-term Seeder and More Hello community, first of all a happy new year to all of you. We tinkered with the rules, from now on you get a 15% bonus on top from a seed time of 72 hours, now there is 100%, that is, upload 1MB get 2MB. We are still working on the seed points per hour, which are currently at 0.075 points per 15 min. and file! Announcement about the seed points per seeded file: There is one or the other who, let's say cheating, we catch someone who keeps his files on pause in the seed just to get points, immediately loses his ACC, here the moderators and
  11. Dear users! The site has set double upload and freeleech until the end of the year! Please continue to observe the seed rules! Carp Hunter-staff!
  12. A High Court judge says that nineteen scientists and three scientific and medical organizations will have their intervention applications heard before any decision is handed down in the ongoing Sci-Hub blocking case. Filed by several publishers, the lawsuit seeks ISP blocking of the platform in India. Justice JR Midha notes that the case addresses an "issue of public importance." Sci-HubOn December 21, 2020, academic publishers Elsevier, Wiley, and American Chemical Society filed a lawsuit demanding that Indian ISPs block access to Sci-Hub and Libgen. The companies accuse the platfor
  13. Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance has declared victory on local private torrent trackers. Following a series of enforcement actions, arrests, and legal pressure, all popular pirate sites with Danish roots have reportedly shut down. This is a "huge victory for the Danish rights holders" according to the group, which is now keeping a lookout for newcomers. denmark flagPrivate torrent sites with Danish roots have long been the go-to place for file-sharers in Denmark, but that changed rapidly in recent weeks. After a series of enforcement actions and legal threats, ‘all’ local tra
  14. Here we go again! Our traditional January freeleech is now on. It will end at lunch time (give or take an appetizer) in Odessa (CET +2) on Thursday January 14th. No uploads will be possible during this time, so it's a perfect time to catch up with your bookmarks or explore material you wouldn't normally grab. But be careful to seed back what you download for a minimum of 3 days after grabbing if you haven't reached a 1:1 ratio on that torrent - anything less will be treated as a hit'n'run and incur in sanctions. You can spread that 3 days period over a week, though: seeding back doesn't
  15. Reminder: Cut the EXPENSIVE cable TV cord and get TD IPTV donate.php (for TorrentDay Donors)
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