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  1. Hi Everybody! With some of the minor changes coming to the site. Staff has thought to get input from our loyal users. Since OVH has been dragging their feet getting up our new servers, we're focusing our efforts in some prep work. I assure you the support tickets are in and we have our best hamsters on the case. In the meanwhile, other teams of the staff have been developing features that users have been inquiring about. This post is to gauge, should we change any of the user class names? If so, what is your suggestion? We have come up with a couple related to the film/tv industry. We wou
  2. New statics server Just a quick heads-up. Static assets (javascript, stylesheets and some internal graphics) are now hosted on a separate domain, in preparation for the move to serving our own images. If quoting or other "dynamic" features have stopped working, it may due to your own client extensions (such as noscript) that require domains to be whitelisted. If this is the case, you will need to add edge.opsfet.ch to your whitelist. Discuss this post here
  3. New login page I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that traditionally, some of the most convoluted code in Gazelle deals with logging people into the site. This is not a comfortable situation to be in. The good news is that the login code has been completely rewritten. The user experience changes somewhat: the login page now sports a third field for entering a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) token (or recovery key if you lost your device – the code will deal gracefully with both cases). If you do not use 2FA, you can ignore the field. The login process is no
  4. Google Translation: Helper (seed reviewer) recruitment Helper (seed auditor) recruitment, one-month training period, after passing the training, it will become a regular (MODERATOR). There are ready-made tools and templates for seed review, and it can also be operated on the mobile phone. You can complete the review in your spare time without spending too much energy, but you must be careful and careful. If you are interested, please bring your self-introduction and contact the management group mailbox.
  5. Dear Users, We have brought our old site for while most of the users were thinking we are gone. You guys are worried about site since november. Thanks for the donors you guys are best for believing us to bring our site. Some users were thinking we looted our donors money and we closed site and discord gone forever they don't know what's going on behind us they blaming us. We made our decision to bring old site as well we are working on new one too. We are gonna do our best in future. Thanks for waiting for DT to come back. Regards, DT Staffs.
  6. Eren

    XWT News

    Wrestlemania Raffle! Due to the positive feedback we received for our Royal Rumble Raffle. We are hosting a giveaway raffle for each of the "Big 4" PPV's. Not only will you be entered into our Wrestlemania Raffle, you will receive x2 Upload Credit! The prizes you could win are: x8 Free Leech/Double Upload Slots Giveaway x4 Free Leech For A YEAR Winners! x3 100GiG Upload Credit & VIP Status Winners! x2 50GiG Upload Credit Winners! That's right, there will be a total of 17 winners during this years Wrestlemania Raffle. You can make a donation of ANY amount and
  7. Eren

    iTS News

    Announcement: IRC partially down Hey there Shadows! As some of you have noticed, the bend irc network we're part of has some problems. Our node however is still working. Until we have more info please use cheers
  8. No need to panic folks...it is only the home page that has an issue. The rest of the site is very much active. Link in comments for you to get straight through to the torrent list. Have a good weekend!
  9. The site will add seeding points in the near future, linking with user upgrades. The requirements are as follows: Power User level requires seeding points greater than or equal to 40,000 points. Elite User level requires more than or equal to 80,000 points. Crazy User level requires seeding points greater than or equal to 150,000 points. Insane User level requires seeding points greater than or equal to 250,000 points. The Veteran User level requires seeding points to be greater than or equal to 400,000 points. Extreme User level requires more than or equal to 600,000 points. U
  10. Uploading has become way easier. We've implemented a series of major functionality that will detect and autocomplete the checkboxes if you're uploading a Movie / Series. Fields that get autocompleted: Title, Category, Type, Resolution, Movie/Series from the dropdown ( if we can find it in our system ), or else we will even try to search the web and auto complete the IMDB / TMDB fields, Tags ( for Movies / Series ) Implemented Libtorrent V2 protocols. We DO NOT recommend creating torrents by solely using the Libtorrent V2 protocol, as it is not backwards compatible and most torrent
  11. We have found some issues with qBittorrent client. We advise to change to another client to avoid problems. Client will be blocked from our systems soon enough until further notice. Recommended: 1. µTorrent® latest version if you like all the adware!?, if not version 2.2.1 which is very stable. 2. Deluge latest version 3. rTorrent latest version 4. Transmission latest version NOT Recommended: Any mobile client version. You will get blocked and banned if they don't work properly
  12. Congratulations to Snakepop for establishing a website, establishing an alliance with Lemon, and establishing the only official invitation. Snakepop focuses on the field of lossless music. Interested users can learn about it in the official invitation area of the forum on this site.
  13. The user can set the [default display mode] in [Personal Settings] in [Control Panel]  Site follow-up improvement plan: 1. Continue to improve the grouping (Gazelle) display details 2. Independent revision of the animation section 3. Independent revision of the music section 4. Adjust the menu of the whole site and beautify the layout 5. Add the function of customizing the layout color
  14. As you may be aware, there was a brief outage during the night. We don't think that it is anything serious, but it may take a little while for everyone to connect again. Particularly affected are some parts of Australia, Greece and Crete. If you are getting 5xx errors, either use a VPN or try again in a few hours. We do not expect the issue to last long.
  15. Recently a fellow private tracker has decided to close it's doors and call it quits. We would like to offer our sincerest sympathies to everyone who was a member of AHD by offering to take in any refugees that are looking for a HD tracker to fill the void. This is open to everyone that was a member regardless of what class they held. For this, we would like to direct AHD users to seek out our normal recruitment threads first. Using this method will be the most efficient method for everyone involved. If they do not have access to a recruitment thread they are welcome to join us on IRC an
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