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Resident Evil 8 Gameplay More Similar To RE4 In Private TGS 2020 Demo

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A recent private demo of Resident Evil Village at the Toky Game Show has revealed that the gameplay in the upcoming game will be similar to what players got to experience in Resident Evil 4. Capcom had previously teased that it would unveil more information about Resident Evil Village during the convention, although most fans will have been hoping to see more gameplay footage for themselves.

News emerged last week that Resident Evil Village may release for current-gen consoles as well as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. That would contradict earlier statements from Capcom that the title would only be available on next-gen hardware. But producer Tsuyoshi Kanda has previously spoken about trying to get a port released for other platforms if it was possible. However, there have been rumors that the developer is running into problems with getting Resident Evil Village to work properly on the PS5.

Resident Evil 8 will have similar gameplay to Resident Evil 4, according to a report by TwistedVoxel. During a livestream at the Tokyo Game Show, a Capcom presentation included a demonstration from host Eiko Kano. While gameplay from the game was not shown, comments from Kano and other guests did detail some new information about the title. The opening will seemingly work in a similar way to the remake, with the player battling against a more powerful enemy. Users will also be able to use environmental objects as weapons, such as pushing a bookshelf onto a group of enemies, while the combat seems more action-orientated. There is also seemingly a change in focus from Resident Evil 7 so that the gameplay is more reminiscent of what is seen in Resident Evil 4.


Resident Evil 4 has long been rumored to be getting a remake in the same style as Resident Evil 3. That game proved to be a big success for Capcom and has led to speculation that the company could put more remakes into development. Several reports have suggested that the new title is in the works and has started full production. Most indications are that the remake will release at some point in 2022, meaning it is still some time before it might be officially confirmed. However, there's also the possibility that Resident Evil Village is, in fact, both that anticipated reimagining and a mainline sequel all at once, which would seem to logically close the loop on Capcom's current modern remake strategy.

If Resident Evil Village is switching to the type of combat that was last seen in Resident Evil 4, it will reassure fans that Capcom is listening to fan concerns. After all, the fourth installment is widely considered to be one of the best entries in the entire series. Yet, it is disappointing that Capcom has not made the gameplay demo public, keeping all of the footage private so that fans can't get a good look at the game in action. Fans will just have to hope that more information is unveiled in the coming weeks.

Resident Evil Village will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2021.

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I can see why they've done this; alot of people praised the gameplay style of RE4, it'll truly have me in awe for it to be redone in a more modern-rebooted way on the new generation of consoles.

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Really interesting to see. Seeing as how that game is very old, i'd like to see how they'd adapt this into a new gen.

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