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Left 4 Dead 3 Seems More Possible Than Ever

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Considering the mark that Left 4 Dead 2 left on the gaming industry, it's hard to imagine that the game hasn't seen a sequel or major title update, free or paid, since 2012. However, the recent launch of The Last Stand DLC campaign has effectively ended the near decade of silence from the series, bringing a fan-made map and a number of new weapons and customizations to the 11 year old game.

This came as a major surprise to most fans, not only because Left 4 Dead 2 is such an old title at this point, but also due to Valve's increased investment in running its PC gaming platform, Steam. A recent push from the developer towards new content related to some of its best selling franchises, such as Half-Life and Left 4 Dead, may be indicating that a third game could finally be on its way out. At least to the extent that Valve is open to letting others, the community here, work on its games.
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