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  1. Where are the torrents? No content on the tracker. How long does it take to bring a site up.
  2. I will send you and invite just PM me if you haven't gotten already. It ok tracker, part of IPT network, i think all popular scene releases can be found there.
  3. When you auto translate it usually messes up the scripts on the page, so log in doesn't work.
  4. It's very easy to get power user there. Without giving out too much you will gain access to official invites for HD and tv trackers, including secret cinema.
  5. Usually you have to be at least power user to gain access to invites subforum.
  6. Every tracker has a recruitment threads for other trackers. You just have to reach certain rank to gain access to them. RED has a lot of them, MAM has good amount too. Just try to get into some higher level tracker and gain access to their invites section. Then start getting any tracker of your interest, work your way up there too and soon you will have lots of great trackers.
  7. Best way is to get RED and work your way up there. You will gain access to lots of recruitments of high level trackers.
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio All those memes are not for nothing. So many oscars were given for popularity instead of performance, and Leonardo was always overlooked, while churning out steady performances. You have to be good at sucking (up) to make it in Hollywood.
  9. Dragon Inn is not that obscure, you even find it on IPT, but that is mainly cinemageddon territory, kungfu and other b movies The other three are on karagarga, those are the kind of movies you will definitely find there
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