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Bruce Willis Responds to Backlash After Refusing to Wear a Mask in Public

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Bruce Willis has spoken up after gaining considerable negative attention by refusing to put a mask on in a Los Angeles pharmacy. The Die Hard star was asked to leave a Rite Aid store after refusing requests to put a mask on, despite already wearing a bandana around his neck that could have been pulled up over his mouth and nose. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally, wearing a mask remains one of the most effective methods for minimizing the spread of the disease. But when Willis refused to wear a mask at an L.A. pharmacy recently, the store’s management showed him the door.

Willis has starred in some of the most successful and critically acclaimed films of the past thirty years, with particularly memorable roles in the Die Hard franchise, Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, and Looper. However, regardless of how beloved the 65-year-old star might be on the big screen, rumors and accusations of his off-screen behavior are not in short supply. News of a movie star with diva-like proclivities is hardly anything new, and Willis, for all his apparent troublesome ways, is hardly considered the worst offender in this regard. But several directors over the years - from Terry Gilliam to Kevin Smith, have had issues with Willis on set, and Smith even described working with him as “f*cking soul crushing.”

Now according to People, Willis has spoken up on the public backlash he experienced for not doing the right thing and putting on a mask, simply saying “It was an error in judgment. Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, there has been a wide range of campaigns fuelled by celebrities. Some have intended to help inform or encourage people during these challenging times, while others have been pleas to stay home if possible or wear a mask. Of course, not all of these efforts have been welcomed by the public, and some of the earlier attempts at unity, such as a particularly cringe-worthy rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” have arguably done more harm than good. There have also been celebrities who have spoken out against the existence of Covid as well as the wearing of masks, though this has typically not gone over well with the majority of the public. For his part, Willis has remained quiet on the entire Covid situation until this most recent incident occurred.

Exactly how sincere Willis’ apology is remains a bit of a subjective issue, but it is strange for the Die Hard veteran to tell people to continue to mask up when he was the one not masking up in the first place. At the very least, apologizing was the best possible move for Willis, as some people were even going as far as saying that they would no longer watch Die Hard due to his actions. It’s hard to say if this apology will be enough to win back those one-time fans, but it’s definitely the best place to start.
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