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Viral Dark Souls Video Shows Player Beat Boss Just by Rolling


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The Dark Souls series and associated From Software games are well known for being brutally difficult and demanding that players master the combat mechanics in order to progress. However, one player is taking the struggle to a whole new level by defeating a Dark Souls boss without using any weapons, `just rolls.

The boss in question is Chaos Witch Quelaag, an enormous half-woman, half-spider creature found in a lair at the bottom of Blighttown. As a Dark Souls boss, she has an enormous health bar and an array of devastating attacks, as well as a weakness: her difficulty responding to ranged attacks. However, in a TikTok video, streamer DontRachQuit managed to take her out just by rolling.

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This isn't the first time Twitch streamer and TikTok user DontRachQuit has recorded herself rolling circles around a Dark Souls boss. She's previously used the same tactic on Ornstein and Smough to devastating effect. While rolling doesn't usually do any damage, she equipped a specific suit of armor that does a low amount of damage every time she rolls and then rolled constantly. Through this unorthodox tactic, a lot of dodging, and carefully-spaced out heals, she was able to slowly grind down Chaos Witch Quelaag and achieve victory.

She made sure to space out her heals so that they would go as far as possible. Although the TikTok video is only one minute and ten seconds long, the battle appears to have lasted quite a while, which may make her strategy appear sensible. Her method of dealing damage was to run around the boss in circles and deliberately roll around Chaos Witch Quelaag's spider body and legs, regardless of whether or not rolling was necessary at the time. This armor set may not be one of Dark Souls' best PvE weapons, but it appears to do the trick.

As of writing, the TikTok appears to have been warmly received by fans, with several commenters expressing that they were surprised and impressed by her self-imposed challenge. DontRachQuit reported that the whole battle took about 30-40 minutes, which makes sense considering how little damage rolling in Dark Souls does. One commenter noted that some Dark Souls players play the game, while others have mastered the game, the implication being that DontRachQuit has mastered the game. Considering her achievements of beating multiple Dark Souls bosses just by rolling, gamers may be inclined to believe that she is indeed a Dark Souls master.

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