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No Time To Die Early Reviews Praise The Thrills, Stunts & Emotion


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Early reviews for No Time to Die have finally arrived, and they paint a positive picture of Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond. The twenty-fifth 007 film was delayed numerous times over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s finally set to release in theaters on September 30 in the United Kingdom, and on October 8 in the United States. At long last, Bond 25 is nearly here.

For fifteen years, Daniel Craig’s James Bond era has kept the franchise fresh and exciting for modern viewers. While Quantum of Solace and Spectre received more lukewarm receptions, Casino Royale and Skyfall have been heralded as two of the best 007 movies to date. As No Time to Die has neared its own release, many have wondered what category it will wind up in – the stunningly spectacular Daniel Craig films, or the lackluster and forgettable ones. Fortunately, now that the movie’s world premiere has finally arrived, so has the answer.

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The early reviews for No Time to Die have been overall very positive so far, praising Craig’s final performance as Bond and the new narrative direction taken by the film. While it may not be overtaking Skyfall as the best-loved of Craig’s 007 movies, No Time to Die seems to deliver on the promise of the trailers, sending the star out with a bang and closing out one of the best periods in the history of James Bond. Check out what the critics are saying about No Time to Die below:

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"No Time To Die is startling, exotically self-aware, funny and confident, and perhaps most of all it is big: big action, big laughs, big stunts and however digitally it may have been contrived, and however wildly far-fetched, No Time To Die looks like it is taking place in the real world, a huge wide open space that we’re all longing for."

Mike Ryan, Uproxx

"After waiting so long for No Time to Die — and truly, after all we’ve been through, just wanting to see a throwback fun action movie — it almost delivers, but then sends us on to the streets in, let’s say, not the best mood. I want to watch James Bond and feel good after. That feels like the point of these movie. Not feel … forlorn. There’s been enough of that lately. I guess not even our old pal James is here to make us happy these days."

Pete Hammond, Deadline

"Fukunaga stages some fine chases, explosions, stunts, and the big hour long finale on Safin’s isolated island fortress, but there is as much emphasis on the human beings here, their conflicts and complications and complexities as there is on the fast moving thrills."

Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy

"Further viewings will likely decide No Time to Die's fate in the ranking of Bond movies, especially as there are definitely moments likely to divide the fandom. As an experience though, it delivers all the spectacle you'd expect from a 007 movie, throws a few surprises in along the way and proves to be an entertaining, affecting and bold finale for Daniel Craig."

Jason Solomons, TheWrap

"Suffice to say, then, that “No Time To Die” is Daniel Craig’s best incarnation of an iconic role, an iteration that sees Bond travel to emotional spaces the character has never been to before, at least not since “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” or in certain passages of Ian Fleming’s books. You feel all the wear and tear on Craig’s body and face, all the strain on Bond of having to save the world one last time (again) yet also all the tantalizing freedom of someone approaching the end of a long run."

Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent

"But Fukunaga’s more radical vision of Bond is fleeting. It’s a good film that’s been forced to rattle around in the Bond universe like a loose cog. Perhaps Hollywood’s obsession with connectivity, sparked by the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has poisoned the Bond franchise for good. The film’s core premise, credited partially to Bond regulars Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, is generic spy nonsense..."

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman

"Right from the blistering pre-credits opener, the much-delayed 25th instalment gives you everything you want from a Bond film, just in a way you’ve never seen before. The action’s outlandish yet grounded, the gadgets are ridiculous but work beautifully within the framework of a story, the call-backs to the Bond mythology are fun yet resonate on a deeper level, and the emotional stakes are supercharged but hit hard."

After so many years and so many delays, it’s great to see such a warm reception to No Time to Die. Admittedly, not all of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, as some have taken issue with the substantial length and relative absurdity of the film. But even the more lukewarm critics have given praise to the action, the effects, and Craig’s Bond. There still aren’t enough reviews in yet to form a complete consensus, but it looks like any 007 fans who’ve been holding their breath can finally relax.

It’s particularly great to see No Time to Die earn such high praise after the disappointment of Spectre. Craig will go down as one of the greatest Bonds ever, and it would be unfortunate if his tenure ended with a lackluster finale. To hear the critics tell it, No Time to Die delivers loads of entertainment, great performances, and a powerful emotional climax to Craig’s five-film arc – just about everything anyone could have hoped for.

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