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Overwatch Releases New Malevento Deathmatch Map


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Overwatch features many different modes. While many people might associate the game with competitive 6v6 matches, the game has much more to offer. From the Arcade to the many interesting and sometimes unusual Overwatch custom games, there’s no shortage of modes to check out. One of these modes that provides a more solo experience is deathmatch.

Deathmatch is a mode found in the Overwatch Arcade. Available in free-for-all and team format, deathmatch gives players a game type where the player/team with the most eliminations is the winner. In addition, the developers even designed custom maps for the mode such as Chateau Guillard and Petra. While many fans might have thought that the developers of Overwatch had shifted focus to continue work on Overwatch 2, a new deathmatch map was recently released.

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In a tweet from the official Overwatch Twitter account, the developer announced that the map Malevento is available now in the game. Set in the Italian countryside, this new map looks to give players a scenic new location for deathmatch mode. In addition to the announcement, a trailer revealing the various features of the map was shown.

Like the other deathmatch maps, Malevento features an impressive art style with detailed statues and architecture along with cobblestone roads. Among the beautiful vistas on display from nearly every angle of the map, the video showed off a spiraling stairwell with a bounce pad at the bottom. Furthermore, there is an area on the map known as Talon’s secret den, a reference to a villainous organization in Overwatch lore.

This new map was originally supposed to release back in August, but a recent lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard by the state of California regarding gender discrimination and harassment caused the release to be delayed. In addition to postponing the launch of this new content, the controversy involving the company caused the developers to rename Jessie McCree as well.

This news regarding the Malevento map comes as Activision Blizzard recently unveiled redesigns for Sombra and Bastion in Overwatch 2. Amongst the various changes to their abilities, Bastion now features a new Ultimate that reimagines the robot as an artillery cannon, while Sombra’s hack now recharges faster along with causing hacked enemies to take more damage and be revealed to the rest of her team.

While it’s exciting to see new content continue to be added to Overwatch, some fans possibly might have wanted more than a deathmatch map. It will be interesting to see fan reception to this new update moving forward.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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