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Guest annscalf

So here's my story and I sincerely apologize if I've gotten eveything wrong and do not need to be here after all.

It all started with my tracking down episodes of a classic tv show from the 1960's - The Detectives starring Robert Taylor also known as Captain of Detectives in Britain. I've manage to find most of them but I still need around 20 or so to complete it. In my digging around the internet for file sharing sites, I found a site called TV VAULT. The problem is that they require an invitation to register with them. So off I went looking for info on how to get an invite and *that's* how I found Invite Scene.

Now this is my dillema, I only want those 20 files and I have no idea what seeding or seed boxes or trackers are let alone how to aquire them. On the other hand I could actually get the hang of this and have it become as addictive as my favorite pc games. I'm pretty sure that TV VAULT isn't going to appreciate my going in, downloading the files I want and then going off on my merry way. In my defence though I would be more then happy to upload and share my files in return or is that how that works?

Any help or advice anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.


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