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Guest Ethan

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Guest Ethan

why don't we make a topic to help each other with getting the private trackers we want instead of buying, selling of course with my respect to the sellers and the buyers too that is will be good i saw many people looking for invites for months without nothing and trying to exchange to get the trackers the want with out nothing i hope we make a topic every months to achieve some users dreams to get the trackers they want i hope people here listen to me i knew this is hard for some people to give away their invites with nothing but the best thing will be helping each other. for example trackers such as : ptp , what.cd , ftn ,btn , wallfes , ncore ,bithuman , gft

many people here looking for them for months with out nothing but let is think about what makes these tracker hard to get it because of us we made them very important these trackers are hard because if we get an invite for it we keep and don't help any one to get one if every one of us give to the members here an invite and the member who get the invite make use of his account and earn an invite on it and give it to another member this thing well make getting these invites easier iam sure if every body share his invites for free we will not found any hard invite for any tracker to get

waiting for your opinions ???

if any one like the topic please press thanks :)

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