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RevolutionTT News


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Oh hello there..

New IRC channel (#announce):
Due to popular demand we have created a new #announce IRC channel for new torrents. The output is very script friendly!
You can enable this channel in your profile
Read more here

New User Applications!:
Ever had those pesky friends/family members that constantly ask you for the latest movie or game? Well now is their chance - revTT has applications available for (almost) everybody now!
Just send them to revolutiontt.me/enter.php ... but remember:

We allow only 1 account per household, so make sure no room mate or anybody else living with you applies.
We don't allow dupe accounts, so if they ever had an account before then send them to revolutiontt.me/irchelp.php to try and get it enabled.
Applications from VPNs or mobile connections are not allowed.
The following countries are banned and we will not accept applications from them: Algeria, Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia & Turkey.

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