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Free Fortnite Battle Pass Tier Available By Completing Week 3 Blockbuster Challenge - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Free Fortnite Battle Pass Tier Available By Completing Week 3 Blockbuster Challenge


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Week 3 of Season 4 is well underway in Fortnite: Battle Royale, which means a new set of challenges are now available for Battle Pass holders. As usual, the challenges present a mixture of objectives to complete that allow you to level up your Battle Pass and unlock new rewards, but there's another bonus waiting for players who manage to clear them all.

As has been the case the past two weeks, players who clear all of the challenges in a given week will complete one of the game's new Blockbuster challenges. The reward for doing so is a special loading screen; while primarily cosmetic, the real value in the loading screen is that it hides a secret that leads to a free Battle Pass tier.

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If you manage to complete all of Week 3's challenges, you'll get a loading screen that features a group of heroes huddled around a holographic map. If you look very closely at the map, you'll notice it displays a faint silhouette of a Battle Pass on the island, just left of the center of the screen.

Zooming in to the map reveals that the free tier is just southwest of Fatal Fields. Go to the marked location and you'll find a Battle Pass icon, which will reward you one free rank-up when collected. You can see the icon's exact location on our map below.

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As before, you will need to complete all of Week 3's challenges and the corresponding Blockbuster challenge to be able to get the free Battle Pass tier; the item won't appear on the map unless you meet all of the prerequisites, so you won't be able to skip over any of this week's challenges to get the free rank-up, even if you already know its location.

Fortnite's Week 3 challenges consist of the usual mixture of straightforward objectives and some trickier tasks. Among the latter is a one that challenges players to find 10 rubber duckies. There are more than 10 scattered around the island, and you'll hear a distinctive sound when near one. If you need help, we've put together a guide on how to complete the Week 3 challenges.

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