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India police extract 106 cocaine capsules from woman's stomach

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India police say they have successfully extracted 106 cocaine capsules from a woman who was allegedly trying to smuggle the drugs into the country.

The 25-year-old foreign national was arrested at the international airport in the capital Delhi on 14 May after a tip-off, police said.

She is reported to have spent the past week at a hospital where she was given laxatives to recover the cocaine.

The drugs are estimated to be worth 50 million rupees ($734,000; £547,000).

Police believe the woman ingested the capsules in Sau Paulo, Brazil, and was given instructions to deliver them to a Nigerian national in Delhi.

Officials from the narcotics department told the Hindustan Times newspaper that this was "the highest number of capsules of cocaine" that they had ever extracted from a person.

They added that what they have seized is high quality cocaine from Colombia, unlike the cheaper "crack" that is usually recovered in such cases.

Police are now on the lookout for the Nigerian national to whom she was supposed to deliver the drugs.

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