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Police officers reveal Lebanese beggar was actually a secret millionaire

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A DISABLED beggar has been found to have carrier bags full of cash and nearly $1.5 million secretly stashed in the bank.

Cops made the shocking discovery when they arrived to investigate the death of Fatima Othman, 52, in Beirut, Lebanon.

Officers found two plastic carrier bags stuffed with bank notes worth the equivalent of $4389.

But they were even more surprised when they found a deposit book for a local bank.

When they looked inside they realised it contained a further $1,491,866 in savings.

Police spokesman Joseph Musallem said there was nothing suspicious about the death and that Ms Othman had simply died of a heart attack.

But he said the discovery of the cash and the savings book “was a big surprise”.

Locals who knew the woman, including many who had given her money and food, said they were shocked by the discovery.

Ms Othman had became a minor celebrity after a snap of a kind-hearted Lebanese soldier providing her with a drink and food because she was unable to use her hands or feet was posted online.

The soldier even won praise from his commander for his “compassion and humanity”.

After her death, police tracked down her family in the town of Ain Al-Zahab in Akkar in northern Lebanon.

They collected her body which has now been buried.

But they insisted they had no idea about her secret wealth.

It is said she was too scared to admit to having the cash in case she was robbed, and carried on begging because it was what she knew.

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