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MoviePass Competitor Sinemia Is Having Some Customer Service Problems


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These days there is a lot of discussion about MoviePass. The theatergoing subscription service has struck a chord with moviegoers and shaken up the industry. But MoviePass isn't the only player in this game, and consumers have options if they are looking for a cinema subscription service. Competitor Sinemia is making a name for itself with a different kind of offering for movie fans, and much like MoviePass before it, Sinemia is going through some growing pains. Sinemia is currently having some customer service problems, as people are complaining that they are not receiving their membership cards within the promised timeframe.

Like MoviePass, Sinemia members receive a credit card with which they purchase their tickets. Some new Sinemia customers have not received their cards within the 7-day timeframe that the company specified, and yet they have already been charged for their membership. This has understandably led to some frustration and complaints from these customers, with some requesting refunds. In a statement to TechCrunch, Sinemia's CEO Rifat Oguz stated that the holdup is the result of increased demand for the new membership plans. Production has been increased, but delivery times are a little bit longer than usual. It was also noted that the first month of service doesn't start until members receive their cards, so although they may have been charged already, the month hasn't officially started, so these people who are waiting won't end up paying more.

MoviePass experienced a similar problem upon the introduction of its cheaper plan and struggled to keep up with consumer demand in the beginning. This influx of new customers for Sinemia is likely due to its introduction of a new plan that undercuts MoviePass on price. Sinemia's plans are a bit more complex with different tiers and the option of two-person plans. The newest sale plan is the Classic Plan that, for $4.99 a month, billed annually, allows subscribers to see 1 movie a month at any theater, as well as being able to purchase tickets in advance. While this doesn't give you the amount of movies as MoviePass's unlimited plan, it is half the price, and for those who go to the movies less frequently, it is probably quite appealing. Jumping up to $6.99 a month gets you 2 movies a month. The Elite tier plans add in the option of premium formats like 3D and IMAX with either 2 or 3 tickets a month at $9.99 and $14.99, respectively.

These customer service issues aren't ideal for Sinemia, but they shouldn't be much of a big deal going forward as long as they are corrected and Sinemia effectively communicates to consumers to align their expectations with the reality of how long their cards may actually take to arrive. If nothing else, this increased demand shows that Sinemia's new plans are popular and give the service extra traction in a marketplace where MoviePass has dominated the conversation. This popularity also shows that there is a clear consumer demand for an alternative to the traditional theatergoing experience.

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