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LA To Vegas Cancelled At Fox, No Season 2


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Fox's comedy exodus has managed to stretch on beyond the initial round of cancellations, with the delightfully immature plane-com LA to Vegas as the latest victim. LA to Vegas has been cancelled after just a single season had aired, and at this point, someone picking up Season 2 looks less likely than Captain Dave quitting gambling and drinking cold turkey.

News of LA to Vegas' cancellation didn't come straight from Fox itself, since networks don't usually like to promote that kind of thing without some silver-lining news to announce on the side. Instead it was the comedy's co-star Amir Talai, who played the extremely patient and accepting co-pilot Alan, that revealed the bad news on social media.

Amir Talai‚úĒ@AmirTalai

I love you so much #LAtoVegas fans. That's why it breaks my heart to tell you that our show is not coming back. I don't have an explanation for you, but it doesn't actually matter. It's done. I'm gonna miss our #LAtoVegas family so much, and that includes you.

Truth be told, there aren't a whole lot of mysterious elements involved with LA to Vegas' cancellation, even if Amir Talia doesn't have have specific explanations for why it went down. From a numbers perspective, LA to Vegas wasn't a very strong shower for Fox's Tuesday-night lineup, debuting to less than four million viewers and wrapping the 15-episode freshman season with an audience of 1.7 million. Losing 2 million viewers over a season isn't always indicative of a series' downfall, but considering that was over half of the comedy's total audience, it didn't bode well here.

The same goes for the show's age demo rating, which didn't reach above a 1.0 after the premiere, at least where Live+Same Day results are concerned. LA to Vegas did decently enough in delayed viewing stats, usually adding around 1-2 million viewers and 0.5 demo points, but that clearly wasn't enough to guarantee it more seasons.

While the show definitely had its loyal fans, LA to Vegas received a mixed bag of responses when it debuted earlier in 2018, though many praised the rapid-pace jokes and the performances from the talented ensemble. Fox was also impressed in the early days, having given the new series an additional order for extra episodes. The arguable problems seemed to rest in the show's limited scope, which was obviously its entire gimmick, and by the time LA to Vegas had wrapped Season 1, there were already broken engagements, main characters moving in with each other, characters thinking about taking other jobs and other issues that felt too jammed together for the show's weekend plots. And in the end, not even Dermot Mulroney and Don Johnson could keep LA to Vegas in the air for another season.

Along with LA to Vegas, Fox has now cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth and The Mick, with New Girl also having aired its final season this year. It's partly understandable, as Fox entered into a contract with the NFL for at least five years of Thursday Night Football, so execs needed to clear up quite a bit of schedule room to make that happen. (And it's possibly going to get even worse for new shows if Fox signs on with the WWE to air Smackdown.)

LA to Vegas is the latest big network cancellation, but there are still quite a few shows that still have yet to hear back about their fates. While waiting to get more news, bad or good, check out our network cancellation and renewal rundown, and head to our summer premiere schedule to see what other shows are on the way.

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