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Krypton Season 2 Is Happening At Syfy


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Syfy introduced yet another TV show about DC Comics characters earlier this year with Krypton, and the world gained a second show indirectly connected to the Superman mythos. Many DC fans were initially miffed at the drama not serving as the return of a true Superman TV series to television, but the dark trailers and game-changing twists convinced viewers to keep tuning into the prequel tale anyway. Krypton has proven that, for now, it doesn't need the Man of Steel to thrive, as Syfy has renewed the show for Season 2, and before its Season 1 finale has aired.

Syfy did not reveal whether or not the series would receive more or less than the 10 episodes it received for Season 1, but did say the show will return for Season 2 sometime in 2019. The announcement also didn't reveal any key plot points, which is understandable, since the first season will likely end on some insane note that takes things in a wild new direction.

Krypton's renewal came along with the news that, without the finale's numbers, the politically charged drama is Syfy's most-watched debut season for an original drama in several years. The show's weekly average of 1.8 million viewers (In the Live+3 stats) was the highest since the shocking original miniseries Ascension, which aired in 2014.

For now, it's hard to know what's in store for Season 2 of Krypton, since the series has played out far differently than many have expected it to, with time-travel elements and reveals involving classic Superman villains giving fans new spins on the classic lore. Executive producer David Goyer said earlier in the year that Krypton's narrative is planned for seven or eight years, so wherever they're going, they certainly have a clear vision on where they want to end things. Of course, Krypton's distant future ultimately depends on Syfy's willingness to keep producing it, which could change over time should the ratings begin to falter.

Case in point: Syfy recently canceled The Expanse, whose Season 3 ratings are at about the same level as Krypton's current stats. Granted, Krypton will still have the potential to grow after Season 1, while The Expanse got the ax after three seasons, which fans went berserk over. The point being, Syfy (and most networks) only tolerate mediocre ratings for so long. Krypton's chances of reaching Season 7 or 8 don't seem entirely positive, based on the show's Season 1 numbers and the way ratings tend to drop year-to-year, but there's always a chance the show will find many more fans in Season 2 and beyond.

If not, perhaps the show can take a page out of The Expanse's playbook and get a streaming service to pick them up? With DC's streaming service set to launch later this year, it doesn't seem like Krypton would struggle that much to find a new home if it had to.

Krypton's Season 1 finale will air on Syfy on Wednesday, May 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Superhero fans looking for more things to watch while this series is in the offseason should head over to our superhero premiere guide and see what's up. Those looking for a more generalized list of upcoming television shows will find what they need with our summer premiere guide.

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