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Fortnite Now Has Jetpacks


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The latest Fortnite update has launched and, while a couple new limited modes and character skin are nice and all, easily the most exciting addition to the game is sweet, sweet jetpacks.

Fortnite update v4.2 went live this morning, introducing the highly anticipated usable item, jetpacks, into the Battle Royale mode. Epic has stated for a while now that they have no intention of introducing vehicles into the game. But while carsand bikes might not be in the cards for Fortnite players, at least we now have a new mobility option courtesy of questionably safe devices we can now strap to our backs.

To be clear, these jetpacks are being treated as a limited item, part of a new class of gear being introduced to Battle Royale known simply as "Backpacks." In the official announcement, it's noted that these Backpacks (usable items) should not be confused with Back Bling (cosmetic items) that are already available in the game. Backpacks are gameplay items and cannot be purchased. Instead, you've got to find them out in the wild, just like all other usable gear in Battle Royale.

It should be noted that, since Backpacks are a usable item, they will definitely fill up one of your inventory slots, so be sure to give extra thought to whether or not the power of flight is necessary in your current quest for survival. Then again, they have a rarity of Legendary, so you might not stumble across them all that often to begin with.

According to the update notes, the only place you'll find jetpacks is in treasure chests, so be on the lookout for those glowing troves of loot. And only one Backpack can be carried at a time, so don't expect to stockpile the things if you stumble across extras.

As far as controls go, the jetpack can be activated by jumping a second time. Rather than ammo, the jetpack works off of a charge. Once that's depleted, you'll need to stay on the ground long enough for it to power back up. If you're playing with a controller and have the jetpack highlighted, pushing the targeting button will activate the device. It should be noted that, unlike Thanos, you can't aim your weapon while flying around with a jetpack. In other words, it's great for mobility, but using it comes at a cost. You should also be aware that, while hovering out in the open, you're basically begging someone to pick you off with a sniper rifle.

Since the jetpack is a limited item, we recommend jumping in and flying around as soon as possible. We're sure it will come back into the rotation at some point, but still, better to get it while the getting is good.

Also going live with the recent update is a limited "Solid Gold" event. All weapons drop at Legendary status, and materials are gained at a 50 percent boost. If that's not enough to keep you busy, a Close Encounters mode is also going live Friday, which drops oodles of jetpacks and the only weapons are shotguns.

If you're wondering why Battle Royale has remained so popular, we'd argue that regular events like these help keep things very, very fresh.

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