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Fast & Furious Spinoff Character Descriptions Tease Villain


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New character breakdowns have arrived for Hobbs & Shaw teasing the villain and new family members fans will meet in the Fast & Furious spinoff. While the Fast & Furious series has grossed over $5 billion worldwide across eight films, things have so far stuck to the core story outside of Tokyo Drift. But with the cast continuing to expand and the films drawing huge numbers at the global box office, Universal Pictures is finally ready to try their luck with a proper spinoff when Hobbs & Shaw arrives in August of 2019.

Last month, David Leitch signed onto Hobbs & Shaw as the director, continuing his streak of helming action films since helping to bring John Wick to life. Along with last year's Atomic Blonde, Leitch is currently riding high thanks to the success of Deadpool 2. The movie has not only been a critical and financial hit, but showed the new director was just as capable as Tim Miller. In fact, his background in directing fight choreography added an exciting layer to the anti-hero film. Now, Leitch will get to put his mark on the Fast & Furious universe while expanding its roster of characters.

That Hashtag Show has character breakdowns for the villain of Hobbs & Shaw, along with new family members for the lead characters. While there's no confirmation yet which other franchise stars will be back for the spinoff, the movie certainly looks to have a full slate of characters lined up.

The studio is looking for an actor, 49-59, to fill the role of Null who is described as a “British villain” and “mysterious international terrorist who dresses in all black.”

The studio is looking for an actress, 28-39, in the mold of Kate Winslet to play Deckard’s sister, Hattie, who is “an MI-6 agent.”

The studio is on the search for a Polynesian actress, 70-75, to play Sofia Hobbs, described as the “matriarch” of the Hobbs family and five Polynesian men, all 30-50, to portray Hobbs’s brothers: Jonah, Cal, Tim, Matt and Alex.

There's still a chance some villains from previous films could resurface - likely as allies given the M.O. of past Fast & Furious films - but for now Null looks to be the main foe. His name also brings to mind Kurt Russell's Mr. Nobody, so perhaps he'll prove to be a British counterpart of the agent who's gone rogue. Either way, he'll have a lot to contend with as another Shaw will be joining the action.

We've heard Hobbs & Shaw is a buddy film, but clearly the theme of family will unite the Fast & Furious movies still. Shaw's sister Hattie will add another law enforcement agent into the mix, meaning Hobbs & Shaw might be more by-the-books than previous movies. Shaw won't be alone either, as Hobbs will be gaining a mother and five brothers in the new movie. Not only will that add even more characters who could potentially populate future films, but it will continue the trend of Fast & Furious having one of the most diverse casts of any blockbuster film series.

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