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Could Universal Studios Orlando Be Getting A Star Trek Land?


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Disney World is a little over a year away from the much-touted Star Wars Galaxy's Edge which will certainly be a major boon for the park. Now, some new rumors indicate Universal Studios might be looking to respond with another major sci-fi franchise. Rumors have been building for some time that Universal Studios Orlando is looking to build a fouth park location, and the newest rumor about that space is that it may include a land dedicated to Star Trek.

The fact that Universal Studios is working on a fourth park is still a rumor itself, as the company has yet to confirm such a thing, but that that part at least is as confirmed as possible, as we know that Universal has been buying up land in Orlando, specifically, land the theme park once owned, but had sold off when Universal's former parent company was having financial issues. The only reason to own the land is to develop something, so a new theme park seems likely.

Areas dedicated to Nintendo, Lord of the Rings and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them have been previously rumored for this new park, and now, thanks to the Disney and More blog, we can add Star Trek to the list. The sci-fi brand previously came up as the potential basis for a show that would take up the location previously occupied by the Terminator 2 3D show, but now a source for the blog says that Star Trek could get much more than a show, as it's being considered for an entire land in the new park.

As with all unnamed sources, we need to take this idea with a grain of salt, but there are many reasons why the rumor is so attractive. As mentioned, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will be at Walt Disney World before you know it and Universal is sure to want to combat that with something. Star Wars and Star Trek are the two biggest sci-fi properties in history, so it makes sense to take on one with the other. Also, while Star Trek has a massive history to draw from that would allow for many potential attractions, it's also received new life in recent years thanks to new movies and an even newer TV series, so it's a current name that is exciting again.

Certainly, the idea of an attraction that puts you on board the USS Enterprise is an exciting one. The only question would be which version of the iconic ship would you build? There's so much Star Trek material to draw from that the biggest difficulty would be finding a way to get everybody's favorite Star Trek show or movie in the land, while still making it all fit together seamlessly. It doesn't seem that a Star Trek land is a sure thing at this point, just that it's being considered, and we likely won't get anything official on the new park until at least the land decisions have been made. We'll have to wait and see what's in store.

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