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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle return $12 million in wedding gifts

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PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle are set to return ‘£7 million’ ($12 million) in free gifts they were sent for the royal wedding.

To celebrate the royal couple’s special day, Kensington Palace received gifts from various companies.

But there are strict rules surrounding what the couple can be sent and many companies gave them presents to promote their wares and get their publicity.

Essentially, plenty of people could be looking to exploit the royals and profit from it.

But royal officials are having none of it, with clear guidelines on what free gifts can and can’t be received.

The Express reports one such company is swimwear brand Bags of Love, who sold swimsuits with the royal couple’s faces on them leading up to the royal wedding.

Harry and Meghan requested fans and wellwishers give to charity instead of giving gifts.

It appears that hasn’t always been the case, as the Daily Star estimates that the free gifts Harry and Meghan are sending back are worth £7 million ($12 million)..

The same article suggests William and Kate have returned more than £30 million ($52 million) worth of free gifts, many centred around the births of their three children.

Oh, to be royal.

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