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Donald Trump anxious to read North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s letter to him

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US PRESIDENT Donald Trump says talks with North Korea in New York have been very positive and he is expecting the delegation from Pyongyang to travel to Washington tomorrow to deliver a letter to him from leader Kim Jong-un.

“A letter is going to be delivered to me from Kim Jong-un. I look forward to seeing what’s in the letter,” Mr Trump said as he left Joint Base Andrews for a trip to Houston. “They’ll probably be coming to DC on Friday to deliver a letter, I look forward to that.”

Asked if a deal was taking shape, Mr Trump said: “I think it will be very positive. … The meetings have been very positive.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States, South Korea and Japan were completely on the same page with respect to working towards North Korea’s denuclearisation.

“There is no daylight between the South Koreans, the Japanese and the United States with respect to our approach, to how we resolve this issue with respect to North Korea,” he told reporters in New York.

“An agreement that we reach will provide an outcome that each of those countries can sign on to as well,” he added.

High-ranking officials of the US and North Korea have met in two days of talks about the future of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program and a possible summit between Mr Trump and leader Kim Jung-un.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Kim Yong-chol, a close aide of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un, met for about 90 minutes over dinner and left without providing any detailed remarks to reporters waiting outside.

Sec. Pompeo would only say the dinner “was great” and the men dined on “American beef”.

Earlier on Wednesday, the White House left open the possibility of a Trump-Kim summit on June 12 in Singapore despite Mr Trump’s cancellation of the meeting just days ago.

As the dinner was under way inside an apartment on New York’s east side, just south of the United Nations, a senior State Department official separately briefed reporters on the high-level talks.

Sec. Pompeo and Kim Yong-chol, vice-chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee, “are trying to get to know each other” following their two initial meetings this year in North Korea, the US official said.

The official said that before any summit between the two leaders could occur, Pyongyang was “going to have to make clear what they are willing to do” amid demands from Washington that North Korea permanently end its nuclear weapons program.

Mr Trump, the official said, “can make a fly or no-fly decision anytime he wants”, referring to the possible unprecedented Singapore summit.

Mr Trump last week called off the summit after North Korea expressed anger at comments by senior US officials but Mr Trump later said he was reconsidering his position and US, North Korean and South Korean officials have gone ahead with summit preparations.

The White House said negotiations at the demilitarised zone along the border between North and South Korea for the summit were going well.

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