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Battlefield 5: What We Know And Want At E3 2018


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E3 2018 promises to bring news on lots of big games, and EA's Battlefield V is definitely one we're excited to learn more about. Following the game's announcement earlier this month, EA and developer DICE plan to talk a lot more about it next month at E3. In this feature we're rounding up important details about the game including what we know about it so far, what's confirmed for E3, and what we hope to see from the game at the show. Here we go!

What We Know So Far
After weeks of rumors, EA officially announced Battlefield V during a livestream event in May. As suspected, the game is set during World War II, and it sounds like it builds on what made Battlefield 1 so great with its own set of exciting new features. Starting with what's on everyone's mind--the game has no loot boxes and all the maps will be free. EA is ditching the Premium Pass model of past games in favour of giving players access to maps and modes for free as part of an ongoing service model called Turning Tides. This is great news because it means no longer will players get separated based on DLC ownership. It's a smart move on EA's part because it will theoretically keep people in the game more--and spending more. EA is no charity, and you can still spend real money on cosmetics to create a unique-looking character. There are loads of new features in Battlefield V, including the ability to shoot grenades out of mid-air or drag a downed soldier out of the line of fire to heal them in a safer environment.

Battlefield is known for its destruction, and this is a big deal in Battlefield V, but also new for the franchise is the ability to fortify your encampments with things like a sandbag wall or by building a stationary weapon. One of the more intriguing new additions for Battlefield V is the Grand Operations mode. Building on Operations from Battlefield 1, Grand Operations are bigger and more involved multiplayer skirmishes that play out across multiple stages and modes--and there are rewards up for grabs. In addition to all the multiplayer updates and changes, DICE remains focused on single-player modes, too. Little is known about the campaign, but we know it'll be playable in co-op (the first time since Battlefield 3), and it will tell stories that "may be unfamiliar to players" instead of the well-known ones from Battlefield 1942. At least one of the War Stories will take place in Norway, with a narrative following a young Norwegian soldier fighting to stay alive during the German occupation. In what sounds like a refreshing, more unique take on war games, Battlefield V will offer War Stories from the perspective of saving your family members as opposed to saving the world.

What's Confirmed For E3
Being one of EA's biggest upcoming games, Battlefield V is expected to have a major presence during the publisher's E3 2018 briefing, EA Play. The game will be playable at EA's showcase, which is good news for fans who don't want to wait until October or the open beta. EA Play takes place at the Hollywood Palladium from June 9-11. You can find details about how to register for the event and buy a ticket here on EA's website. If you can't make it to the show, you can rest easy knowing GameSpot will have lots of news stories, previews, and gameplay videos for Battlefield V, so keep checking back for those.

What We Hope To See At E3
While EA and DICE have already shown off Battlefield V and offered the first details during the reveal event, we are hoping to see lots more of the WWII shooter at E3. EA would be smart to show off actual gameplay to help players understand what it looks like to shoot a grenade out of mid-air or pull a downed soldier to safety.

There are no loot boxes in Battlefield V, and we hope to see EA address this decision and stress to players that the game will not go down a pay-to-win path with the items it does allow you to buy with real money. Given what happened with Star Wars: Battlefront II, this will be front of mind for many, and EA would be smart to address this right away.

We also hope EA and DICE shine a light on Battlefield V's campaign, which could be one of its more intriguing elements. The story mode in Battlefield 1 did a fantastic job of showcasing lesser-known elements and locations from the Great War. World War II as a historical event has already been covered extensively in film and games, so it's refreshing to hear DICE plans to show off more intimate stories of how the war affected everyday people. At E3, we hope to see and learn more about the stories DICE plans to tell and the places the game will take players.

The Battlefield franchise is known for its impressive sense of scale--and it sounds like Battlefield V is going bigger than ever with its Grand Operations multiplayer mode. We hope to see EA discuss this mode at greater length and in more detail to help players get an idea for what this all about and why they should be excited.

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