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Vampyr Launch Trailer: Life As A Waking Nightmare


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The Vampyr launch trailer makes one thing very clear: When someone becomes a vampire, the choice to survive could mean the difference between life or death for other people - and, possibly, an entire city.

Welcome to the world of early 20th century London. The Spanish flu has run rampant throughout the city, leaving it suffering from the effects of disease, as well as violence and fear. But there are things that lurk in the shadows that are far deadlier than the flu. The city is also infected with vampires, including a newly made vampire that was once a doctor. Players will take on the role of this once-healer, Dr. Jonathan Reid, and make choices that will determine how he lives and survives with this new affliction plaguing him.

Video game publisher Focus Home Interactive posted the launch trailer for Vampyr, which highlights some of the scenes that players will see throughout the course of their journey through London's dirty streets and alleyways. The title, by Life Is Strange developer Dontnod, will give players the choice on who they kill for food and who they allow to live, and those choices will, ultimately, decide the fate of London.

Focus Home Interactive offers up more details:

"Every one of Vampyr’s citizens is part of an interconnected social web, and the fate of one citizen in a social circle will impact the everyday life of the others, as well as the direction of the narrative. Each citizen has their own story, life and personal quests – and every last one can be spared or sacrificed in Reid’s quest."

Vampyr is one of the most anticipated games of the year, thanks to Dontnod's reputation for compelling stories and interesting plots. Dontnod originally announced its partnership with Focus Home Interactive for the title in 2015. Now over three years later, the game is finally set for release on June 5 for the PS4, Windows and Xbox One.

Although it seems that the public grew somewhat tired of vampire mythology after the release of the Twilight movies and the HBO TV Series True Blood, interest now seems renewed. Not only is Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles getting a new television series, but the release of Vampyr shows that these creatures of the night still hold a lot of fascination for mere mortals. If done well, Dontnod will certainly have another successful, yet bloody, title on their hands.

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