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Redacted News: June Update (Part II)


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June Update (Part II): Recommendations + Request Contest

What You Want (A Redacted Official Contest)

As the RED community approaches 10 million snatches and well over 5 million peers, we're so happy for the incredible variety of content in our library and how it remains amazingly well-seeded. We truly thank you all and, more than ever, want to be the place you think of first when looking for that important album or song. As of this writing we have 22 thousand unfilled music requests. Each one of them represents an opportunity to upload something hard to find, and to make it an awesome day for those who have voted.

For these reasons we'd like to unleash you, the RED community, on those opportunities. We therefore present the WHAT YOU WANT request-filling contest. We encourage you to look high and low to find what others are looking for and to upload that content here on RED. You can earn one point per request filled, and keep an eye on everyone's progess on the leaderboard accessible on the front page of the site. To enter, all you need to do is fill a request. RED staff will verify your contest entry is valid and allocate points. We will also be closely watching unfills during this time.

The Rules

Only requests created prior to the announcement of this contest are eligible
Music requests only
Self-fills are not eligible
If one torrent fills multiple requests, each is worth a point
Filling torrents uploaded at any time, by anyone are valid. The usual 1 hour anti-snipe protection applies to new uploads.

The Prizes

1st: Future Recommendation + 50 Freeleech Tokens + Contest Winner Trophy
2nd: Future Recommendation + 40 Freeleech tokens
3rd: Future Recommendation + 30 Freeleech tokens
4th: Future Recommendation + 20 Freeleech tokens
5th: 20 Freeleech Tokens
You, if you fill at least 5 requests: 10 tokens

In addition, we have looked at some historical numbers (ok, we asked zed) and would like to challenge everyone to be a part of the contest: If 1500 eligible requests in total are filled, every member of the site will receive an 20 additional freeleech tokens. Every additional 80 requests filled will add a token to the prize, with no limit!

The contest runs until July 4th 2018, 00:00 site time.

To briefly table the request contest: last time we talked, every user was tasked to discover some new music while cruising on a boat in the nice weather; or maybe in a car, navigating through the adverse weather conditions. The context does not matter. We believe in you to get the assigned task done. Need more time and tokens to do it? Why not? Every user has been given an additional 30 Freeleech Tokens. All existing tokens will be expired in 30 days, at the same time as the conclusion of the contest.

We would really like to hear about your experience(s) as a community.
An example of the questions we would love to see answered:

-What is your latest music discovery?
-Have you discovered a new genre?
-Your creative question here.

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