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Far Cry 5 Fan Completely Recreates Jurassic Park In Game - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Far Cry 5 Fan Completely Recreates Jurassic Park In Game


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One intrepid Jurassic Park fan has completely recreated the park from Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic film in Far Cry 5. With 2018's Far Cry game being a return to form for Ubisoft, the fun hasn't stopped with the ambitious story campaign and taking down Eden's Gate. Gamers have been able to look forward to DLC packs and make the most of the game's map builder for multiplayer, which is how the Jurassic Park mod has, uh, found a way.

Dinosaur fever is currently gripping the world of cinema and video games thanks to Universal Pictures' Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom nearing its release. In addition to the latest Jurassic movie hitting the big screen, players are coming to grips with the Pokémon GO-inspired Jurassic World Alive and patiently waiting for park simulator Jurassic World Evolution. And now, some Far Cry 5 players are getting in on the fun.

YouTube channel Forge Labs posted a video showing off a detailed map created by D4RKDEATH, which takes bloodthirsty gamers somewhere that is even more dangerous than Hope County, Montana: to Isla Nublar's Jurassic Park. Complete with lush greenery, birdsongs, and even a token goat, players won't need to hop inside a Ford Explorer to get around the map - although they can if they want to. You can check out the video in the section above.

Screen Rant has previously shown off epic reconstructions of Resident Evil VII's Baker House and a faithful homage to ABC's LOST island in Far Cry 5, but the Jurassic Park map tops all of these thanks to the sheer amount of easter eggs packed into it. Although there are no actual dinosaurs in the Far Cry 5 build thanks to lack of assets, there are more than enough homages to keep Jurassic fans happy. From the flare that Ian Malcolm used to lure the T-Rex away from the jeeps to the toilets where Donald Gennaro met his maker, including Muldoon's famous Velociraptor scene and Dennis Nedry's encounter with the Dilophosaurus, is all there - and it's all topped off with those synonymous gates.

Importantly, the Jurassic Park map shows the real potential of Far Cry's map builder. Admittedly, development on the Isla Nublar map has been ongoing since Far Cry 5 released in March, but think of the untapped potential of what else could be brought to life. Elsewhere, the mod emphasizes why the gaming industry needs more Jurassic Park games. Catching dinosaurs or playing John Hammond to build your own park is one thing, but the advances in both graphics and controls show what a proper Jurassic title could look like in action.

As it stands, the Jurassic Park gaming franchise is remembered for a few average arcade rail shooters, some park builders, and the LEGO adaptation. Sadly, a Far Cry 5 recreation is about as far as a realistic Jurassic Park adventure game has gotten so far. In the meantime, the map is available for download now for anyone who owns Far Cry 5.

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