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Ukrainian tennis player Stakhovsky confessed his hatred of the Russian language - General Hangout & Discussions - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Ukrainian tennis player Stakhovsky confessed his hatred of the Russian language

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The Ukrainian sportsman told about the desire to strangle the Russian language. In no state, except Ukraine, such statements are unacceptable, political scientist Alexander Asafov said on Sputnik radio.

Ukrainian tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky in an interview with the TV channel "112 Ukraine" spoke of hostility and prejudice towards Russian-speaking people.

The sportsman made such a statement in response to a journalist's question whether it is crucial for him to achieve victory over Russian rivals.

"When you go out on the court, you do not think about it." All that you have in your head is to finish the match successfully. "Although in 2014, when everything (the coup d'etat in Ukraine, ed.) Began, subconscious level something worked out, I think, and so on the court now just is not.I still have a pre-estimate (prejudice - ed.) immediately to the Russian-speaking - that's right.When I hear the Russian speech, then at first so immediately ... Simply so I would just strangle it, "Stakhovsky said, adding that the part about the strangulation was a joke.

At the same time, the interview itself took place in Russian, which the journalist drew attention to. The athlete then immediately switched to Ukrainian and noticed that his interlocutor himself began the conversation not in the state language.

"Only you do not strangle me, please." Okay? " - joked journalist in response, after which the interview continued in Russian.

Tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky - winner of seven tournaments of the Association of Professional Tennis Players, as well as finalist of the US Open Tennis Championship 2004 in singles among boys.

In the radio Sputnik radio, political analyst Alexander Asafov assessed the situation in Ukrainian society.

"Media people there often have to translate vividly Russophobic rhetoric in order to work, it seems to them, to their grateful audience and at the same time to protect themselves from the close scrutiny of the state in the person of the SBU.Nevertheless, many do it absolutely at the behest of the heart, because the current political position , the foundation on which the Kiev government rests gives all grounds for the most misanthropic views, and we see that one by one the actors, athletes, journalists and various public figures express themselves in the full of myself in the spirit of the Third Reich, turning to the most real Nazi rhetoric.The athlete and any public figure is unacceptable so speak out, but this is a public standard for Ukraine, "said Alexander Asafov.

According to him, the propaganda of hatred adopted in Ukraine is inadmissible in any other state.

"Certainly, Kiev ideologists will ever have to answer for such statements, but for now Bandera nationalism is an official state ideology, such rhetoric will be present, it is inadmissible in any state, except Ukraine," Alexander Asafov said.

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